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Sila Sahin Playboy Photos


Sila Sahin Playboy Photos : In Good times, bad times, she plays the spirited but buttoned Turkish physiotherapist Ayla Özgül, in real life Sila Sahin now made a real liberation: the first Turkish woman, the actress posing on the cover of Playboy - in The May issue of the magazine presents the 25-year-old naked. You think the images for well done and was proud to proclaim the beauty of one days before publication of the RTL early magazine "Point 6". The kind you get from "Playboy" nudes, which for decades emphasize quasi unison, like a madman the great work of the magazine photographers and how very proud they make the result.

That the naked afterwards to ask their parents to excuse, but until now rarely happened - at least not publicly. As Sila Sahin is an exception. Her Turkish parents concealed the actress her libertine photo shoot - and now fears the consequences. It's obviously hard on the house Sahin. Front of the camera moved out of the Turkish woman with her confession: Geez, Mom, Dad, I love you very much I hope you can forgive me.

Asking the GZSZ star to apologize, and I hope I can still come back home. "The embarrassment of a disobedient girl Sahin is written in the face, while she is to have sure done the right thing. Their parents, they have purposely not told beforehand that it would have been convinced the plan only.
GZSZ Beauty is used to criticism

Criticism of their lifestyle is accustomed Sahin anyway. Even that she and her colleagues Jörn Schlönvoigt series have a German friend, saw some people do not like. For them, the photos themselves are therefore also an expression of their own freedom. Long as they have tried to make it all right and to abide by the rules: no parties, no revealing clothing, no friend. "From these constraints, I've just now released, says Sahin clear to RTL.

You must ascertaining numerical: Before stunning scenery on the beaches of Sri Lanka, the daughter of an actor makes a good figure. That will reduce the moral indignation of their community but not well. Their parents will somehow can live with it, Sahin hopes in an interview with Playboy. But with grandparents, aunts and uncles, it could be even more difficult.

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