Saturday, April 16, 2011

Allure Ashley Tisdale


Allure Ashley Tisdale : Stars High School Musical complete line of hot celebrities posing for magazine photo shoots. Look sexy do "Ashley Tisdale" to shed the image of a star "Disney" in him.

Without packing any clothes, the 25-year-old actress graced magazine "Allure" edition in May In the action Ashley is not alone, but he was accompanied by Kaley Cuoco, Keri Hilson, and Bridget Moynahan.

"I was 25, even 26 years, but people still consider me a child," he quoted the Daily Mail, Thursday (14/04/2011).

Regarding his involvement in the shooting session was "Ashley Tisdale" reveals, "I am no longer a small child who is considered by everyone. I'm really an adult woman."

Pose "Ashley Tisdale" which shows the curve of her body was conducted after obtaining approval from his mother.

"I always wanted to make sure my parents agree with what I do," said "Ashley Tisdale" in Allure magazine.

"Even when wearing a tattoo, my mother went with me. Tato says 'believe' was chosen because my mother always told me to believe," he continued.

In addition been tattooing since the last few years, "Ashley Tisdale"which appeared in prominent television show "Hellcats" reveals, she worked hard to stay in shape.

He was in the gym six days a week, alternating between the boot-camp class, cardio, strength training, and spinning.

Ashley Tisdale aka Sharpay tries to reassure fans. While adventure High School Musical is coming to an end, she assured herself, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will always remain close and connected as the three musketeers . News by Purefans Adobuzz tells you more.

Indeed it must be said that since the beginning of SMH in 2006, ties have had time to strengthen the three stars. It was even evident at a party hosted by Ashley's house alifornie where Zac and Vanessa were present, came to support their friend with a smile. ''We grew up together and working on various projects, but we all support each other''she said. ''We're like brothers and sisters.''

The three friends have even posed together on the carpet at a special evening HSM, all before going to party in a private space. "I love being with them. They are so adorable. It's like a link. I cannot explain today ...''. A friendship compromised by the failure of the two lovebirds in February. From How to put water in the gas at their next appointment at three.

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