Thursday, April 7, 2011

49 Days Episode 8


There is good news for you Korean drama lovers, since 49 Days will give you satisfaction when you see it.

Have you watched 49 Days in the previous episode?, So I just yesterday know if Korean drama titled 49 Days is very exciting and pity to miss.

Now before you watch 49 Days Ep 8, you should first know a little review that I will try to write here, but I apologize if I cannot give you a video or links that you recommend to watch 49 Days Episode 8, because it would violate copyright.

In Jung is about to enter the house Min-Ho immediately surprised to see Ji Kyung wearing a cooking apron. Ji Kyung see In Jung" to get out of the house "Min-Ho" with casually, but his expression flat course.

In Jung give reasons for what she was at home Min-Ho. But once he got out of the house and be on the road, he got angry. Without realizing it, Min-Ho always thinking Ji Kyung. Han Kang finally found the fact that Ji Kyung work at home Min-Ho and he was angry again.

Well, to know how the story would happen to the 49 Days Episode 8, of course you only watch on television networks or on various websites that have been officially broadcast this drama.
Happy watching!.

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