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Keep your throat from the cancer


A person suffering from chronic illnesses often do not realize the symptoms initially. As told by Doctor Surgeon General, Kwat Kyat Leong, in a health seminar at the Hotel Makassar Golden, some time ago. Hospital Doctor of the Tropicana, Malaysia, it tells, one day, he visited a patient with symptoms of sore throat.

"Doctor, my throat sore. I think it will be cold, but for long I do not cough out phlegm especially," said Kwan mimic the patient's complaint. Not only feel pain, even when speaking, said Kwan, the patient was difficult. His voice was very hoarse. Pain experienced by patients includes local ear, nose, and throat.

During two months of complaints that never stops. Patients Doctor Kwan increasingly cannot stand when he had difficulty swallowing food. After review, the doctor diagnosed that the patient is suffering from throat cancer or nasopharyngeal carcinoma. In the upper throat, found a tumor or a clump of cancer cells.

"The initial symptoms of this cancer are not suspected and difficult to diagnose," said Kwan. He continued, initially most patients feel that they will experience the common cold. Moreover, the symptoms that occur around the throat, ears, and nose, such as that experienced by the patient.

The initial symptoms are most severe, Kwan said, not only attacked the throat, but also the nose and ears. For example, the nose is clogged; the hearing was less sharp, buzzing ears, and pain in the nose and ears. Throat cancer, said Kwan, still rarely heard in public. In fact, in Indonesia, the sufferer is quite high. Data of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health noted, approximately 600-700 Indonesian citizens suffer from cancer each year. This amount is taken from 4.7 percent of total patients with throat cancer in Southeast Asia.

Kwan explained, in the upper throat, there is a funnel-shaped tube called the pharynx. This is the part that connects the mouth, ears, the back of the nose, and throat. Cancer is caused by the growth of squamous cells in the throat to become tumors. This can affect the vocal cords, nose, and ears.

The growth of these cells can be triggered by many things. Kwan said in many cases, the main cause is the habit of passive and active smoking. Substance nicotine in cigarettes can damage and trigger the growth of cancer cells.

Similarly, cigarette smoke is inhaled. From this custom, the first part most affected are the nose and throat.

In addition, the type of food consumed was also influential. As foods containing preservatives and artificial coloring. Certain foods, like salted fish, are also dangerous because in the process of drying, the fish can release nitrosamines which include cancer-triggering substances.

If you have similar symptoms, you should find out the condition of health. "There's probably not cancer. Should be examined to the doctor," said Kwan. Because, by inspecting the initial symptoms, the chance to recover is still great. Hope of a cure in cancer patients is 80 percent the first stage and second stage of his expectations by 60 percent.

At high stage, weight loss usually occurs rapidly, it was found the blood out of the ear, nose, or throat. In stage three, like this, hope recovery is only 40 percent, while in stage four expectancy is only 10 percent healed. Healing of cancer at an early stage can be a way surgery or radiation therapy. Meanwhile, for the third and fourth stage is done by chemotherapy.

Be careful with your Sexual Activity
Sexual activity can also trigger cancer. Not the only cause of cervical cancer, but also cancer of the throat. Doctor Surgeon General, Kwat Kyat Leong, said the activity could lead to oral sex throat cancer.
The reason, human papilloma virus, which also causes cervical cancer, can be spread from genitals to mouth until the throat through oral sex. Therefore, he suggested that sexual activity is done by using condoms.

Or if not, both men and women protect you with human papilloma virus vaccine. This is justified by the Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology, Boy Abidin. According to Boy, human papillomavirus vaccine can prevent 90 percent of the spread of this deadly virus.

10 Signs Cancer Early Alert.

1. A lump that does not disappear, even bigger.
2. Irregular bowel movements.
3. Of bleeding, such as in the genital tract, nose, or ears.
4. The pain is very severe, as in the stomach.
5. Difficulty swallowing food.
6. A cough that is severe and prolonged.
7. There is a change in a mole, such as enlarged or bleeding.
8. Sprue that does not heal.
9. Hoarse voice.
10. Weight plummeted about 10 percent.

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