Friday, April 1, 2011

Serena Williams Video


Latest Ads "Serena Williams" has been canceled broadcast because it was considered too sexy.

Serena Williams Video : Ads for the game of tennis on the console "Wii", entitled "Top Spin 4" it displays "Williams", which was introduced as the sexiest player in the world, which will deal with the sexiest game players in the world. They both came wearing tight black dress and fishnet stockings.

On Monday, actress Rileah Vanderbilt, Williams's opponent in the ad, the ad included a video of it on her twitter account, by writing, "See my latest ad along with @ serenawilliams Directed by: @ waltercmay."

Williams also wrote on his twitter, Look forward to the video section I will tweet later."

However, the video was never posted.

Manufacturers 2K Sports, released a statement saying, "As part of the process of marketing to promote our products, we have tried a variety of creativity. The video is not the end result of all of our marketing campaigns and video are distributed illegally.

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