Saturday, April 9, 2011

La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 29 Don't forget !


La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 29 Don't forget !: Kate del Castillo will leave viewers impressed with the strong sex scenes and action.

In the U.S. the transmission of La Reina Del Sur has already caused controversy, by a series of lesbian kisses between the Mexican and Spanish actress, Cristina Urgel. This O'Farrell plays Paty, his cellmate in prison. Starting next Monday in Mexico started the soap opera on Channel 9, on Galavision at 10:30 pm.

In melodrama, produced by Telemundo and Antena 3, Kate did an excellent job as the protagonist. The burning scene was without prejudice and was full of sensuality. In fact, during the history of both in prison highlights the purity of unconditional love.

The character of the Spanish actress succeeds, for love, Teresa Mendoza (Kate) get probation and out of prison, two years after being convicted.

'The Mexican', also known as the character of the wife of Aaron Diaz, had time and again rejected the proposals of the 'Lieutenant O'Farrel', who was always in love with her. In a wild night of drinking just yielding to the temptation, then Teresa and Paty are driven by passion and are filled with tender kisses.

Del Castillo also surprised with action scenes made without resort to double.

Teresa Mendoza breaks the taboo that a woman should lie only with a man ... here, the actress will rejoice with pleasure with different partners.

This is one of the sexy and hot images that can be seen in 'La Reina del Sur'. Photo: Special plans to marry Ricky Martin

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