Friday, April 22, 2011

Cuando me Enamoro


Cuando me Enamoro is a Mexican telenovela production of Carlos Moreno Laguillo for Televisa, the adaptation of the original 1998 lie Caridad Bravo Adams. This new telenovela is a free version written by Martha Carrillo and Cristina Garcia.

This story is starring Silvia Navarro and Juan Soler, and the antagonistic actions of Jessica Coch, Rocio and Lisa Banquells.

Jerome Linares Juan Soler is a businessman who lives in Spain, and travels to Mexico to visit his half brother Rafael Gutierrez Sebastian Zurita, a former employee of the Companies Monterrubio and owner of farm wineries in Ensenada, on Route wine.

But on arrival he learns that Rafael has committed suicide by spite of a woman, which he called "La Bonita", Roberta Monterrubio Jessica Coch, with whom he would marry and who allegedly left him abandoned. Although it was actually her mother who killed him.

At the airport, Jerome has a chance encounter with Renata Monterrubio Silvia Navarro, a sweet girl and good feelings, adopted daughter of director of the Business Monterrubio, Gonzalo Monterrubio (René Casados), who married the mother it, Josefina Alvarez Banquells Rocio Margarita Magaña, taking her and Roberta Alvarez, after Monterrubio Roberta, his half sister, Renata, Regina actually is not Joseph's biological daughter, but Regina Soberón Julieta Rosen Lidia Ávila, who stole her daughter at birth in revenge for not having been accepted as a woman by the father of two, Roberto Gamba Sebastián Rulli, which just killed the girls were born.

Jerome arrives in Mexico and vows to avenge the death of his half-brother, making life impossible for that to which he called "La Bonita". Everything points to a woman whose name begins with R, which at first suspicions goes to Roberta, the true Bonita, but then twist to indicate that "La Bonita" was none other than Renata Monterrubio. The destination will show that I was wrong.

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