Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Diets Failed ? ,Perform this step


Many people who have failed to lose weight because they do the wrong diet, because diets do with weight and feeling miserable, by restricting food or no food.
Surveys in the United States, 91 percent of people who diet fail to lose weight,
To be successful diet, a person must change their eating habits are wrong.

Habits will change if the mind changed. Hence by reprogramming your mind, you can lose weight.Well, if the mind is programmed again, there are five rules that must be adhered to slim.

Increase the number of footsteps
Increasing the amount of walking will help you to streamline your body. Trim here is not the same skinny, but rather to have a healthy weight, healthy, and comfortable. Add 2000 steps from the current number of steps have been executed as of the day, if you want to trim.

Eating consciously
To be slim, you have to eat consciously. That is, cud enjoys food so you can feel the change in taste of food you devoured. By eating consciously, you will find a neutral level. You are also trained to stop eating when neutral.

Eat what you want
To be slim, get you to eat what you want, not what is needed. If the body's natural clock signals that you begin to hunger, select the desired food. Eating foods that you want to make it easier to get rid of food. Eat that enters the body is that you really want. That way, your body will give a good signal and makes you reject the food that is not desirable,

Eat when you’re hungry
The mind that has been re-programmed, making the signals your body will function naturally, and you cannot ignore it. You will only eat when hungry.

Eat when hungry, physically fit body clock is what needs to be obeyed. Obesity is caused by people eating anything not because of physical hunger, but because of emotional hunger.

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