Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dream of 400 Years Korean Drama


Dream of 400 Years Korean Drama
Broadcast date: 2011-Mar-27 to 2011-Apr-03
Episodes: 2
Genre: fantasy,Romance.
Broadcast network: KBS2.
Series : Drama Special Series
Air time: Sunday 23:15

Cast on Dream of 400 Years Korean Drama
Kim Hyung Mi (김형미).
Ahn Byung Kyung (안병경) as Duk Ki.
Seo Ji Young as Ha Na.
Kim Byung Chan (김병찬) as Jae Bum.
Heo Jae Ho (허재호) as Dong Min.
Han Eun Jung as Kang Hee Sun - Soo Hee.
Ryu Tae Joon as Choi Hyun Min - Moo Hyun.

Synopsis Dream of 400 Years Korean Drama
The story of a couple who reunited after their love was denied 400 years ago. When Kang Hee Sun discovers a mummy in Choi Hyun Min’s home, the pair realize that they were formers lovers in a past life. Soo Hee and Moo Hyun were married but were separated due to unfortunate circumstances when Soo Hee was taken prisoner during a war.

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