Thursday, April 21, 2011

Arantxa Arturo


Arantxa y Arturo News : Arturo Requejo and Arantxa, the couple of times in Telecinco, came Thursday to the set of 'The program of Ana Rosa' to talk about her posing hot for the magazine 'Frontline'.

The two met in the program "Women and Men and vice versa ', in which she was talking tronista and he worked his former girlfriend Indhira also tronista the program. Now showing their naked bodies for the magazine and the program has invited his gathering to talk about their relationship.

The couple, smiling, admitted on the set is very happy but still not in love, still are learning. According Arantxa, "Arturo and I have much love but we're not in love." The girl stands to the disbelief of program partners and maintains that love will emerge.

"True love comes to coexistence. How will I be in love with someone who does not know? There must be an attraction and this arises because of love. We are getting to know and love will come when you need arise. We have love. "Says the former tronista. Basque and former contestant on Big Brother 11 supports the version of your girl and confesses that he likes best about her is her maturity and "got things clear."

For all the spectators and fans of Big Brother is well known the fire of Arthur. In this sense, the couple also talked about her sex life and declares that "depends on the day and how motivated we are" maybe fall "three or four."

Some malicious voices say that the relationship between Arantxa and Arturo is a simple assembly. "Mounting What if I lost my job since I've been with her!" Argued the former Big Brother.

The couple shows with this sitting at Telecinco's audience could not see in his famous quote that took 24 hours on 'Women and Men and vice versa. "

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