Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Apparently cry useful


All human beings must cry, because crying is a human nature. As cold as what a person's heart, does not mean he never cried, at least when he was a baby.
During this time some scientists have linked the activity to cry with a few things, like help get rid of stress chemicals in the body. Activities invite tears were also indicated the feeling of being able to make better, comfortable, and quiet. Even for infants, crying can be symbolized as notice that there is a problem in infants.

Now scientists add another list of functions to cry in human life. "Oren Hasson, a scientist from the" University of Tel Aviv "," Israel ", reveal the crying can be used as a barrier to one's own aggressiveness. With tears of someone actually was lowered defense mechanisms and give him the symbol itself was surrendered. In the group relationships, crying can be regarded as a form of integration between each other. Because of this reason that crying can make social relations become closer, so as to foster a more lasting friendship.

Whether it applies in relation only friendship? Apparently not. "If you want to show the surrender of the opponent and draw sympathy from him, you can cry," says "Oren Hasson."

Still crying will not always be effective in some conditions. Therefore, on several occasions to cry just cannot give effect as expected. In fact, should be avoided. In the working example, the activity should not have to cry even revealed. Maybe in the works cry it will be taken as a form of weakness and surrender the very nature shunned in the workplace. But it might not apply to a profession that demands empathy.

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