Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saga Crepusculo


Saga Crepusculo has millions of fans around the world. And you know, when something is pulling on the Internet, foreign lovers is exploited to the fullest. This time it's a scam Facebook. The hook is the last film of Twilight, Dawn Dawn 1 and 2, based on vampire romance novels created by Stephanie Meyer.

The scam circulating in the network uses the English title Twilight: Breaking Dawn" and a picture of the Cullens: Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) with her first child. Simula link to a promotional game about the movie. When the user clicks the link, goes to a Facebook page that seems to announce a game online with a button that says "Play Now". If the net falls into deception and pressed, the scam began spreading among all their Facebook friends as if you had clicked on "I like It."

the scam Twilight: Breaking Dawn on Facebook does not end here. Then a window opens that asks you to allow a third party application can access the user's Facebook account, including full details of the profile and the ability to make entries in the wall. This application is fraudulent, safety experts called rogueware, takes advantage of the naivety of the followers of the Twilight series to get cash.

If the user gives permission, the scammers hang from their Facebook account to an online survey, the smart-ass and earn a commission for each person completing the questionnaire. The survey paste (survey scam) is very well designed and perfectly mimics the style of the popular social network. Security experts from the company Sophos warned that the scam Breaking Dawn Twilight is spreading very fast on Facebook.

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