Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tuscaloosa Tornado Video


When the first ambulance to enter the page's main hospital in Tuscaloosa after a tornado Wednesday (27 / 4), coordinator of "Andrew Lee" opens the door of the vehicle and witnessed the scene which makes the stomach so queasy: the bodies of three young children.

"They were the first people that I touch and I know I will face the experience I've never faced before," said Lee - who worked at DCH hospitals. He trained the staff in order to face the storms that regularly hit the region by local residents called "Tornado Alley".
Tuscaloosa Tornado Video

"Nobody right mind can claim to be ready to face the truth like this," said Lee, Friday (29 / 4), told AFP. The ambulance had come from Rosedale, one of the poorest settlements in the city and one of the most severely hit by a cyclone that devastated the region.

One child dead, the African-American female infant aged 10 months, was still the morgue, no one claimed, so the hospital staff wondered about the fate of his family. "That's not good. Does the whole family have been destroyed?” said communications director Brad Fisher DCH.

More than 50 children of injury has arrived in the emergency room at the hospital since Wednesday (27 / 4), and 30 of them sent to a children's hospital in Birmingham because of shortage of beds DCH child trauma care, says Fisher. Overall, the DCH has faced 600 patients, receiving 100 and treat 13 patients in intensive care.

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