Thursday, May 19, 2011

Derek Boogaard Dead


Derek Boogaard Dead : The death of hockey player Derek Boogaard, New York Rangers, creates a shock wave in the world of professional hockey.

Derek Boogaard was found dead in his apartment Friday night; the famous fighter had many friends throughout the NHL, because what happens on the ice when it becomes quite secondary death strikes.

Boogaard was a brawler on the ice but otherwise selfless and gentle enough to be described as a "teddy bear" by his sister Krysten during a fan-inspired memorial Sunday. He suffered a season-ending concussion Dec. 9, at least his fourth. He may have suffered others before awareness was raised in the hockey world about the symptoms and risks of head injuries, an educational process that's plodding along.

Boogaard was approached by researchers after the Probert study was made public. His family signed the donation papers over the weekend. His funeral will be held Saturday at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot in Regina, Canada, where his father, a brother who's a Mountie and two uncles had trained. Boogaard had spoken to Salcer about his admiration for the National Guard.

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