Saturday, May 7, 2011

Norman Reedus Judas Video


Judas, the new video from Lady Gaga is finally available since yesterday evening. Landed on the net with a small lead, he follows the clip born This Way, the first single from the album of the same name.

Judas, who broke records for download on iTunes, went to know the same fate on YouTube, with over 3 million views on the formal chain of Lady Gaga Vevo. Despite the debate, the music video of Judas is largely up to our expectations, in terms of originality. Discover the killings on Pure fans News by Ado buzz. Wiki can be updated; Gaga will make the fart scores.

Lady Gaga Judas Video.Norman Reedus Judas Video

The clip of Judas is finally officially available. Lyrics, pictures, all elements of this song are open to analysis! We expected a standard video out and Gaga took up the challenge by putting us a slap in 5min35. For those who were a bit lost, here is a brief explanation of the clip: Lady Gaga, playing the role of Mary Magdalene's heart is between two men. Indeed, she goes out with Jesus but also likes Judas. To give you an idea, she sings, "I want to love you, but anything straying from you, Jesus is my virtue, Judas is the demon that I'm holdin’

The first few seconds we announce the color, the video will be amazing. It starts with a sexy biker gang, in which there is, including the singer, Judas and Jesus. We discover Jesus Gaga behind a barrel and quite modern. And surprise, she is seen smiling for a few moments, something new from him.

In addition, the singer has left his horns born This Way "and opts for a much softer look. She is radiant, loose hair decorated with jewels. She did not skimp on costumes.

Indeed, if we find her favorite outfit, the underwear, Gaga has also demonstrated innovation. Its primary holding a leather jacket, pants and black stilettos. Then, Lady Gaga opted for suits most studied and cared for. She wears beautiful gowns and pushes the information to your fingertips.

Some love the biker next to the singer. His bandanas we immediately think of the clip Telephone. Indeed, there Gaga wearing a blue headband, placed on natural hair. A simple but effective accessory.

The end of the video is explicit, Lady Gaga is a bath in the middle of Judas and Jesus, his heart is torn. At 3min46, there was a break. In it, the singer was hit by a huge wave. It's hard to find its utility; the video would probably be as big without the passage.

During the final seconds, Lady Gaga is stoned by the people and let a tear. It's a very nice surprise. Once the video ended, we want only one thing, to see her again!

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