Monday, May 16, 2011

Larissa Riquelme Fotos


Larissa Riquelme Fotos :Larissa Riquelme is in Mexico to promote her Playboy cover in 3D, but, before starting its activities, the Paraguayan who became famous in the World Cup for their sexy outfits wanted to re-energize at Teotihuacan.

On Tuesday, the archaeological site model was accompanied by her parents, Roman and clean, and his press chief, Guillermo. Upon entering, Larissa showed them an overview of the place, because she already had visited.

The Paraguayan mother admired along with it the Pyramid of the Sun, but look more closely at the building, which has more than 60 meters high, chose to wait for her daughter down.

Larissa Riquelme Fotos

The next time we come, I put on a diet for endurance and rising," said the young fun, which had no problem climbing the 365 steps leading to the top of the pyramid, but at times stopped to take some air.

Once up, Larissa turned to admire the view of the Avenue of the Dead.

Since I met Teotihuacan, now I really liked and wanted to return to full of energy. I strongly believe in vibes.

After taking some pictures along with his friend William and his father, a fan of the Paraguayan team Cerro Porteno fell to reunite with his mother.

Then Larissa watched some crafts, and though she did not buy anything, his parents decided to buy two masks made of precious stones.

Visit Lady Devotee of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Larissa Riquelme, and better known as The Bride's World, yesterday revisited the Basilica of Guadalupe.

The first time the model was in the temple, he did it alone, but now the Paraguayan arrived accompanied by his parents and a cousin.

I wanted to return because I am superdevota of the Virgin, which is as miraculous, to which I have commanded so much and helped me. I promised my parents that we would come over here when we came to Mexico, and here we are," said Larissa, who took the opportunity to take some pictures with images of the Virgin and buy some candles and shirts at the official store to give to other family members who could not travel with her.

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