Monday, May 30, 2011

Buster Posey Injury Video


Buster Posey Injury Video : Looking at the massive impact at the plate Buster Posey who sent the Giants to the infirmary, Ray Fosse wondered why after all these years, there are not really regulations to protect the recipients at the plate.

And if anyone knows whereof he speaks with respect to collisions, it's Ray Fosse.

He has been at the heart of one of the most memorable shock in the history of baseball, when Pete Rose hit to score the winning point-Star Game in 1970.

The right shoulder Fosse was moved permanently, and although he eventually recovered from the injury, his statistics began to decline several years later.

"After the collision with Rose in '70, there were two guys who beat me when I looked at elsewhere, by standing. You never see guys expelled for that, "said Fosse, who does not go so far as to ask baseball to change its rule book.

Edwin on Buster Posey injury

The collision between Posey and Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins, legal but painful to watch, brings to the forefront the issue of impact at the plate.

Posey, rookie of the year in the National in 2010 suffered a broken left leg and tore three ligaments in his ankle. It is believed that his season is over.

In recent years, the NFL has taken seriously dangerous tackles and imposed stiffer fines to make the game safer. In baseball, some would see shares of the same type, while others consider shocks to be as marbles embedded in baseball as "Cracker Jacks" and the break in the seventh inning stretch.

The manager Bruce Botchy of the Giants, former catcher often wounded in the head during his years as a player, would like to see baseball explore ways to protect players.

"I think we should consider small changes, because the receiver is so vulnerable and there have been many who have had serious injuries that have ended career, or who have shortened," has Bochy said.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia, the Dodgers dominated the matches played as a receiver and had several high velocity impact, including classics with Jack Clark and Chili Davis. He believes there is an unwritten code among players depending on the issue, the moment of the match and the position of catcher on the sequence.

"It's like breaking a double game, Scioscia said. The receiver does not move and he will try to block the plate, which is his right. And the rider also has the right to settle there, it of course. “

The catcher Jason Varitek, Red Sox, is considered one of the best for the marble block. He believes that collisions are part of baseball, even if it sometimes puts in the line of fire.

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