Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Natalie Portman Baby


Natalie Portman Baby : Natalie Portman is now pregnant her first. She also had planned to give the name of her first child was 'Oscar'.

The name of 'Oscar' is given because she has grabbed trophies Academy Awards as best actress of 2011. The plan also appeared to have often discussed with family members.

There have been many discussions about baby names 'Oscar' if male.

This is a nice name but now I don't think have a two Oscars at home. We don't want confusion, "he joked as quoted by Showbiz Spy.

After her son was born later, Natalie did not want to get too preoccupied with work. She wants to take care of her children relax.

The next dream I have a short term future with staying in the bed, did not have to wear makeup or hair and keep my sweat, relax, "said Natalie.

Natalie reportedly will soon carry out her engagement with a dancer from France, Benjamin Millepied. The two first met when production of the movie 'Black Swan'. The 29-year-old actress is engaged love the location with a choreographer Benjamin.

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