Friday, August 19, 2011

Rose Leonel Fotos


Rose Leonel Fotos : jornalista rose : leonel The conviction of businessman Maringá, Eduardo Gonçalves da Silva, for libel and defamation on the Internet for publishing classified photographs of intimate moments with his ex-girlfriend, journalist Rose Leonel, reflected in the national press and networks.

The decision of the Court of the State of Paraná (PR-TJ) was published on Tuesday (16). The defendant was sentenced to one year, 11 months and 20 days of detention.

The photos of the journalist was released on the Internet in January 2006. Two years later, held the first hearing at the Special Criminal Court. In May 2009, after the seizure of the computer entrepreneur, an expert confirmed that he was responsible for the disclosure. Silva was sentenced in first instance in June last year sentence confirmed by the TJ-PR yesterday.

In an interview with The Gazette newspaper days after the first conviction (see video below), Leonel Rose revealed that the photos were a fantasy of the ex-boyfriend and said he was morally relieved by victory in battle

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