Friday, August 19, 2011

Dani Bolina Fazenda


Dani Bolina Fazenda : Dani Bolina finally seemed happy with new role in "The Farm 4," she managed to take over cleaning the house, when Bill Farmer Padua became the week.

The model, which since entering the reality of function demanded imposed, taking care of horses, seemed to have realized the dream when he managed to get to clean the seat. But the dream turned into a nightmare.

Earlier on Friday, the peoa only complained about the new role and vented with Compadre Washington. "You can not. This pig is very personal," he complained.

And now that Eddie will want to go back to take care of animals?

After cleaning up the quality of your criticism, decided to pick on Dinei Dani Bolina. The pawn does not forgive any opportunity to nudge the model.

Earlier on Friday (19), Dani yelled at the former player to get buckets of water to it.

In addition to call it off, Dinei was noted that all the work. Nevertheless, he was educated and got water for peoa.

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