Monday, August 8, 2011

Mercede Johnston Playboy


Mercede johnston Playboy Photos News: Former Alaska Governor and alleged presidential hopeful Sarah Palin and her family are the subjects of a profile in the September issue of Playboy.

That issue will, naturally, feature a Mercede Johnston nude spread as well.

Mercede Johnston 4nd L3vi 4r3 on3 broth3r 4nd sist3r p4ir th4t h4v3 34ch oth3r's b4ck. L3vi Johnston's littl3 sist3r h4s b33n confirm3d for th3 p4g3s of Pl4yboy, but it's M3rc3d3's blog 4bout Bristol P4lin th4t's crying for 4tt3ntion 4t th3 mom3nt.

Th3 S3pt3mb3r issu3 of Pl4yboy m4g4zin3, run by th3 still 4liv3 4nd kickin' Hugh H3fn3r, will f34tur3 th3 s3cond m3mb3r of th3 Johnston f4mily to strip down. M3rc3d3, young3r sist3r of L3vi, h4s pos3d for 4 four-p4g3 nud3 pictori4l just two y34rs 4ft3r his b4cksid3 gr4c3d th3 glossy p4g3s.

M3rc3d3 Johnston is fi3rc3ly prot3ctiv3 of h3r old3r broth3r L3vi, 4nd h4s t4k3n to blogging to d3f3nd him during Bristol P4lin's Not 4fr4id of My Lif3: My Journ3y So F4r book tour.

Th3 18-y34r-old 4ddr3ss3d th3 inf4mous night Bristol P4lin's virginity w4s "stol3n" by L3vi Johnston in 4 post titl3d "Bristol misn4m3d h3r book. It should r34d Not 4fr4id of Li3s." M3rc3d3 4sks, "Do3s 4nybody r34lly b3li3v3 4 good Christi4n girl, such 4s Bristol cl4ims to b3, would r34lly los3 h3r virginity in 4 t3nt? I don't think so. Usu4lly girls w4nt th3ir first tim3 to b3 m34ningful 4nd sp3ci4l."

"B3sid3s th3r3 h4pp3ns to b3 4 sm4ll d3t4il which Bristol chos3 to l34v3 out," sh3 continu3s. "You s33 th3r3 w4s 4noth3r coupl3 right n3xt to Bristol 4nd L3vi in th4t v3ry S4M3 t3nt. So th3 qu3stion w3 h4v3 to 4sk is, w4s th3 oth3r girl 4lso b3ing 't4k3n 4dv4nt4g3 of?'"

M3rc3d3 Johnston, who cl4ims sh3 is not 4llow3d to s33 h3r n3ph3w Tripp, 4lso c4lls foul on Bristol P4lin's cl4im th4t th3 drinking on th3 c4mping trip w4s h3r first brush with 4lcohol. "It w4s Bristol h3rs3lf who w4s 4sking 4round trying to buy 4lcohol b3for3 th3y 3v3n st4rt3d p4cking to go on this p4rticul4r c4mping trip," M3rc3d3 writ3s.

"So I think it is cl34r th4t sh3 w4s 4lw4ys pl4nning to drink whil3 th3y w3r3 c4mping. I know for 4 f4ct th4t my broth3r w4s not r3pl4cing h3r 3mpty bottl3s with full on3s, b3c4us3 L3vi n3v3r lik3d h3r to drink sinc3 it just m4d3 h3r mor3 promiscuous (Which thos3 guys in Jun34u will confirm, right Bristol?)"

W3 h4v3 to 4sk, wh3n M3rc3d3 Johnston's Pl4yboy issu3 d3buts, which will b3 hott3r th3 photos or th3 Bristol P4lin l4shing?

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