Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daisy Lowe Playboy


She's pushing something up - but they don't appear to be daisies.

Model Daisy Lowe's eagerly anticipated Playboy cover has finally been revealed.

And it appears to be a humorous teaser for the no doubt raunchier spread to be seen inside the magazine.

Daisy Lowe's cover for the September !ssue of Pl4yboy m4g4z!ne h4s surf4ced onl!ne, fe4tur!ng the Br!t!sh model !n Pvc underwe4r - covered !n d4!s!es. The Londoner tr4velled to Hugh Hefner's Los 4ngeles m4ns!on for the hugely 4nt!c!p4ted shoot, reports the UK's D4!ly Telegr4ph.

Sever4l other shots from the spre4d h4ve 4lso found the!r w4y onl!ne, show!ng D4!sy sunb4th!ng, smok!ng c!g4rettes 4nd sk!nny d!pp!ng !n 4 pool. The m4g4z!ne's t4gl!ne re4ds, "Home 4lone w!th Daisy Lowe Lowe: The UK Model 4nd Next B!g Th!ng". The !m4ges represent Lowe's f!rst shoot for the m4g4z!ne, but she posed nude for 4 P!rell! c4lend4r photogr4phed by the controvers!4l Terry R!ch4rdson !n 2010. Daisy Lowe, the d4ughter of Pe4rl Lowe 4nd Bush s!nger G4v!n Rossd4le, follows !n the footsteps of Br!t!sh model El!z4beth J4gger, who gr4ced the June cover of the m4g4z!ne. Supermodel turned 4ctress L!ly Cole h4s prev!ously posed for the French vers!on of the men's m4g.

Daisy Lowe !s currently d4t!ng the Br!t!sh 4ctor M4tt Sm!th, 4fter meet!ng 4t the Co4chell4 V4lley Mus!c 4nd 4rts Fest!v4l. !n 2009, she fe4tured !n 'The F!rst D4ys of Spr!ng', 4 f!lm 4ccomp4n!ment to the second 4lbum by Br!t!sh !nd!e b4nd No4h 4nd The Wh4le. She recently 4ppe4red !n the v!deo to M!les K4ne's 'Come Closer'.

The 22-year-old model, who is dating Doctor Who star Matt Smith, stripped off completely in other pictures for the magazine.

She describes nude modelling as “freeing” – and loved every minute of the shoot. “I’m really proud of being the poster girl for curves, “ she says.

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