Sunday, July 24, 2011

Video Silvina Escudero spam on Facebook


Video Silvina Escudero spam on Facebook : The much talked banned video for 'Silvia' squire became a spam Facebook. It ca surprise among the thousands of surfers a link to the video bailarana course, that clicking on it are taken to a place where there is advertising.

The link takes the enticing title of video banned from Silvina Escudero, which excites social network users. However, there is great disappointment when they encounter a web site advertising is far from containing the video.

Moreover, redirect the user to another site, a comment with words like "incredible", "best", "no shame", making thousands of people fall into the trap. You can also read the following sentence: "You can not cover the sun with your hand, here's the video from which they were banned photos of the actress."

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