Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sobe Kate Upton


Sobe Kate Upton : Kate Upton is getting hot. 18-year-old model who has been earned a woman last summer, this is the testimony of a Sobe beverage in place of the evil lay in the beautiful cleavage. She joked with the camera and the beauty of the body that captivated the audience.

Kate Upton Bikini Photos

She was only 18 but all competing for it. Kate Upton, the video model lists different types of protagonist pretty amazing on the web.

The blonde, sensual curves and a dizzying Yutsai immortalized in a video for Guess in black and white where it offers a beautiful strip. Before the bras, then pants, Kate Upton still naked covered only by sheets.

Kate Upton Pictures

Kate Upton, who many referred to as the heir to Brigitte Bardot, given the great similarity, has posed for Sports Illustrated catalog of costumes and a spokesman for the.

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