Monday, July 4, 2011

Amber Rose Pictures


Amber Rose Pics : While she has been just made fired because of pictures hardcore, Amber Rose has decided to completely move on. Indeed, while it had Love & Basketball in Atlantic City alongside Nas and Kelly Rowland, the model appeared with a new haircut.

Amber Rose Pictures : Amber Rose was then presented with numerous brown curls! The younger woman of 28 had previously proudly wore a bald head or slightly covered with small hairs. So a new Amber Rose that was discovered yesterday.

Amber Rose Photos :

Perhaps it is because of hardcore pictures subject on which Wiz Khalifa supporter, Amber Rose has decided to change your look. Apparently the story had moved many and you can see it decides to make a new start.

But her old haircut suited her so well, it's a little out of the lot, although we can say that it is well that way too. How do we do now to recognize in the crowd? So bald and curly, how do you like Amber Rose?

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