Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hope Solo Pictures


Hope Solo Pictures : The target is one of the weakest a position in women's soccer. Soon as the word the experts. But, only see it in action for the "Hope Solo", the American goalkeeper who began to seriously doubt that claim. Take the example of the quarter-finals of the Women's World Cup "FIFA Alemania 2011™ ".

Hope Solo Pictures

"Hope Solo", selected as the best player that the game in which the U.S. beat Brazil in a penalty shot after a 2-2 draw after extra time. She stopped a penalty in regulation time (though it must be repeated), she made spectacular save Cristiane auction, Rosana, Fabiana, Marta.

Hope Solo Photos

If four years ago marks the beginning of the World Cup semi-finals of an ordeal especially now that the forum is an opportunity to make history. Although the rival will not push them. "France is one of the teams with the best attack in the world. It's physically strong players. We will not underestimate, they have great respect and appreciation for our outstanding performances they have done in this tournament. It will be a very difficult game , anything can happen, "analysis of MagicJack's guards.

In his words, certainly hope you know the data. France is the organizer of the auction team tournament with 80 shots, 32 in between the posts. It is true that the United States account for only 4 shots are so, so, statistically at least, promising an entertaining game.

But perhaps not the type of entertainment that you feel like a goalie. "Actually I do not care about no French player in particular. I believe my team, I know we will be very concentrated, we will do what it takes to get ahead, to a very offensive team is doing an outstanding tournament," said the Washington , for them the key will repeat what makes them strong in the face of Brazil: "There we are moving forward as a team, we were united, concentrated, and give it everything. He has given us great confidence to face the next commitment.

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