Monday, November 14, 2011

Justin Timberlake Marine Corps Ball

Justin Timberlake Marine Corps Ball : Looks like they'd a ball -- or, as he tells it, the event "turned out to be probably the most moving evenings That i have ever had."

Last summer, Justin Timberlake accepted a servicewoman's invitation to attend the Instructor Battalion Marine Corps Ball, and Saturday he made good on that promise.

"What I did not know was how moved I would be by the whole experience," Timberlake, 30, posted afterwards on his website.

The singer-actor was combat instructor Kelsey De Santis's date to Saturday's dance at the Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Va.

Of times the two spent together, Timberlake wrote, "She seemed to me to become so humble and honest... Cool. She also simultaneously appeared like she was nervous about the whole evening and when I had been likely to enjoy myself. 'Are you ok?' she asked Two or three times. "I hope you are having fun. I understand you'll once my crew of friends arrive here to the table.' "

He went on to express, "I need to let you know, it's not every day that I meet a 23 years old girl and she's more worried about if I'm having a good time or maybe I'm comfortable! It hit me all of a sudden these were the type of people who look after us and our freedom... Humble, concerned for other people before themselves... This was the kind of person our Marine Corps was building. I had been really blown away."

Timberlake had been wooed towards the ball via video, when his Marine, a champion mixed martial artist in her own off-time, made her plea online. "So, Justin," she said in her own online invite. "I'm going to call you out and ask you to arrived at the Marine Corps ball with me on Nov. 12. ... And when you can't go, all I have to have to say is, cry me a river."

Luckily, she had nothing to cry about.

As Timberlake wrote, "I felt so proud to become there. I felt like I was getting a opportunity to be among my heroes. It's funny too just because a lot of them are SO younger than me." Justin Timberlake.

Singer-turned-actor fulfilled his promise to escort a U.S. Marine who invited him via YouTube

Justin Timberlake promised Kelsey de Santis he’d be her date in the Marine Corps ball - and he turned out to be a man of his word.

The sexy singer/actor was on the arm of the Marine corporal who asked him to become her date inside a YouTube video in July.

Timberlake was snapped by a fellow partygoer looking dapper - along with a little shellshocked - in evening wear at the Richmond, Va., event, seated in a table encompassed by Marines in uniform.

The wife of one from the Marines at the ball said Timberlake “posed for pictures and appeared like an ordinary guy,” according to WTVR.

De Santis, whose sassy YouTube invite was inspired by Timberlake’s encouragement of costar Mila Kunis to accept a Marine’s invite to some similar ball, talked tough before the event, telling reporters she planned to challenge Timberlake to a dance-off.

“My friends keep saying, ‘Dance-off!’ They know about my skills,” she told Access Hollywood.”

De Santis left the doorway open for things to heat up with the “Sexy Back” singer off the dance floor, within an interview prior to the event.

“Of course, I’m single!” she said. “I don’t know [if a kiss will happen\]. I suppose that’s all as much as JT and what his plans are.”

Kunis is still planning to attend the Marine Corps ball she was invited to, slated for Nov. 18.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Elder Scrolls Skyrim : Are you currently playing Skyrim right now? Approximately 66.7% from the humans I know are, right at this very instant. My copy was delivered at 9:04 am by a UPS employee darting furtively toward my front door. He clearly understood the gravity of the situation. In the end, every RPG-minded gamer I’ve met has lost a sum total of 3 years of their life to previous Elder Scrolls games, and with good reason, I’d like to think.

For the uninitiated, Skyrim (out let's focus on the Xbox 360 console, Ps3, and PC) is really a sprawling role-playing epic that stays the course of its predecessor’s penchant for awe-inspiring vastness and wide open gameplay. As i missed the boat on every-single-other Elder Scrolls game due to being thrust right into a gaming dark chronilogical age of sorts, I’m not missing it now - hell or high water.

In the sound from it, and in the early buzz I heard while bopping around E3 in LA captured, Skyrim pushes the bounds of gaming as we know it, peeling back the top layer to reveal precisely what gaming can do as a medium for something more.

In Skyrim, this is achieved through my own number 1 gaming feeling: Open world exploration. At their utmost, game titles can rouse our slumbering imaginations, inspiring a kind of lust for that unknown that’s very uncommon within our virtual day and age. You don’t merely play an amazing game - you tunnel directly into the core from it, stake out a virtual outpost in your own imagination making camp.

Joystiq really hits the nail around the head relating to this type of transcendent gaming purity we’re talking about in their Skyrim review:

“Whether or not you realize it, that same wanderlust that whispered in to the ears of your ancestors and led them into the forests, in to the oceans, still calls out to you. In those moments when all seems at peace, all seems safe, it’s that persistent, ceaseless call of “Yes, but what else?”

This is the deepest, loveliest world ever made for just one player to understand more about, and something that nobody should deny themselves. This is a game about following Emerson’s advice, leaving the trail and finding that the strongest force on Earth or Tamriel isn’t fire or sword, but the ever-insistent need to know what lies beyond.”

While I haven’t had a opportunity to dig into the game myself yet, you might have! (But if so, what are you doing reading this article?!) If you haven’t, or else you still don’t understand what the fuss is about, browse the goods below.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mariah Yeater Pictures

Whether you are a "Belieber" you sure might have heard about the paternity suit bombshell against teen sensation, Justin Bieber. A 20-year-old California girl, Mariah Yeater, has come up along with a very colorfully articulated report that Bieber may be the father of her 3-month-old child.

Yeater filed a paternity suit from the pop celebrity yesterday, alleging that Bieber had unprotected sex together with her backstage at one of his concerts, and it has demanded a dna paternity test to "scientifically confirm" that he's the father.

Yeater's story goes such as this: A burglar guard approached Yeater and led her backstage after one of Bieber's concerts. She claims she and Bieber gone to live in an area where they could be on your own, at which time his "personality drastically changed."

Yeater claims, Bieber then, "began touching me and repeatedly said he desired to f**k the sh*t from me. During the time Gurus him to put condom on for protection, but he insisted he did not wish to ... Attacking young boys then quickly became popular my clothes and we had sex. He was along with me with my legs around him."

Yeater claims she "stole" Bieber's virginity and also the lovemaking encounter lasted only Thirty seconds, nonetheless they did not exchange mobile phone numbers because Bieber was "embarrassed." Her son, Tristyn Anthony Markhouse, was born in July.

Bieber, who is dating singer and actress Selena Gomez, tweeted today about the allegations, "so Im going to disregard the rumors...and concentrate on which is real. an opportunity to help by doing things i love. Judge me around the music! Love yall!

Bieber and Selena, nicknamed "Jelena," have often been compared to Brad Pitt and Angelina, also known as "Brangelina."

Gomez, who recently adopted a puppy together with Bieber, has not commented on the rumors yet. The duo had celebrated their union having a romantic dinner and also film date at Staples Center in La that was rented out by Bieber.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fotos desenho animado

Fotos desenho animado : Within 24 hours, 100,000 people change their photos on Facebook with the cartoon photo to join the campaign against violence against children.

The action was launched by Insoonia blog and supported by the company marketing the best of life, and calls for social profiles of network users exchange pictures of cartoon characters or comic. The idea is to save the new image for Children's Day.

According to Jorge Nahas, president of the company, the goal of the campaign is to show that there are many people who care about child abuse. "Our idea is, through social networks, there is evidence that many people who care about children and want to talk and show they care about the country," he said.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Metta World Peace: Ron Artest changes name to better the world

A court commissioner granted the Lakers forward's request to officially change his name to Metta World Peace on Friday, three weeks after the bid was blocked because Artest had unpaid traffic tickets.

Artest, 31, did not attend a brief hearing Friday.

MONITOR QUIZ: Weekly news quiz for Sept. 11-16, 2011

Superior court spokeswoman Patricia Kelly said that Artest's new last name will be World Peace.

His publicist, Courtney Barnes, said the player chose Metta because it is a traditional Buddhist word that means loving and kindness toward all.

"Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world," World Peace said in a statement released after the hearing. "After this short delay, my tickets have been paid and I'm glad that it is now official."

He requested the change in June, citing only personal reasons. He is scheduled to appear on the next season of "Dancing With the Stars."

Barnes wrote in an email that World Peace will now have to get a new driver's license to reflect his new name, but the switch won't affect his contracts with the Lakers or any endorsement deals.

Artest helped the Lakers win an NBA title in 2010 and in April he received an award for outstanding service and dedication to the community.

He has testified before Congress to support mental health legislation.

Artest isn't the first athlete to adopt an unusual name.

Lloyd Bernard Free, a professional basketball player who played in the league from 1975-88, had his first name legally changed to World in 1981. A friend had given him the nickname because of his 44-inch vertical leaps and 360-degree dunks.

In the NFL, wide receiver Chad Johnson legally changed his last name to Ochocinco in August 2008 to reflect his jersey number. The name means "eight five" in Spanish. Ochocinco is now with the New England Patriots. Source News :

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Pictures

News For scarlett johansson pictures ,Source News : OMG! Scarlett Johansson admitted taking the nude pictures herself. But did she also leak the naked photos of herself instead of a so-called hacker?
Mila Kunis and the Match Point actress are in the same company, sort of. Justin Timberlake's so-called boo (on the down low) and Johansson's phone's were allegedly hacked. Don't you hate when every diabolical thing that smells like a rate gets blamed on the poor defenseless hacker?

Scarlett Johansson in Kuwait 02Kunis made out well; her pics only showed her in "compromising" positions. However, Scarlett Johansson's pictures showed her completely nude, like in the buff.

Of course when the news hit the Internet yesterday, like most leaks, her name began trending on Twitter.

Anyway, it goes that ScarJo admitted taking the explicitly nude pictures of herself -- Ryan Reynolds was not behind the camper, as some of you may be wondering.

On that note, have you ever wondered what the newly-minted bachelor is thinking about his former spouse's naked photos swirling around on the Internet?

While the FBI conducts its investigation into the leaked Scarlett Johansson pictures, the Lost in Translation actress' lawyer is threatening to sue anyone under the son who publishes, distributes, and profits from the sale of his client's seductive pics.

Aha! Based on that, it seems that Johansson is not denying that the female in her birthday suit appearing in the explicit nude photos is her. With her Avengers movie not far away, perhaps she doesn't want to deny it. You know what they say: "Controversy and sex sells."

Do you think ScarJo had anything to do with the alleged leak of her private photos.

Scarlett Johansson Really, Really Doesn't Want You to See Her Naked Pics! Read more:
Don't mess with the ScarJo.

That's the message Scarlett Johansson's pitbull of an attorney, Martin Singer, is sending to the various gossip sites that have deigned to publish nude self-portraits apparently hacked from the actress's cell phone and leaked online.

Here's what he had to say.

In a cease-and-desist letter sent to such sites as TheDirty and MediaTakeOut, Singer demands they remove the "stolen copyright protected private photographs" immediately or face a lawsuit.

One of the pictures shows a sultry Johansson lying on a bed topless; another finds her posing in front of a mirror exposing her bum.

"The highly personal and private photographs at issue capture our client self-posing in her own home in a state of undress and/or topless," Singer writes. "If you fail to comply, you will be acting at your own peril. Please govern yourselves accordingly."

RELATED: Hacking scandal—which Hollywood hottie will have her naked pics leaked next?

That's a pretty stern warning—but in case the sites don't get the point, the Oscar-nominated star has the authorities on the case as well.

The FBI has confirmed to E! News it's investigating the possibility that a hacking ring has been breaking into the cell phones and personal email accounts of more than 50 female

stars and stealing pictures and videos to leak on the Internet.

Johansson's camp contacted the feds after the unauthorized pics popped up yesterday. She joins a list of celebs including Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato who've allegedly been targeted.

UPDATE: As of 11 a.m. PT, more than two dozen sites still had the revealing pics up including L.A. Weekly and SheKnows.

However, after receiving the cease and desist from Singer, Perez Hilton agreed to take them down from his site earlier today, posting a comment stating "photos removed by request."

Additionally, the owner of TheDirty tells E! News that after mulling it over, he decided to comply with the lawyer's demands as well—and for good reason.

"I got a threat letter," site founder Nik Richie says. "It basically said if you keep those pictures on your website, I am going to go after you to the fullest extent and pretty much sue your ass. They were pretty serious about this thing."

Richie says that while he rarely takes down photos, in this instance he felt for Johansson.

"I've been through this a lot and, usually, I am pretty victorious," says Richie. "[But] she got hacked. And she is really serious about her privacy. She took the pictures. And, I don't know, but for some reason I took them down."

The gossip guru says Singer's letter contributed to his decision, though he found the photos to be pretty artistic.

Read more:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ana Hickmann Fotos

Ana Hickmann Fotos News : Marcelo Rezende is a visual artist from Rio de Janeiro known for making sculptures of artists. In its official blog, you can see finished works of Ana Maria Braga, Xuxa, Hebe Camargo, Michael Jackson, among others. This time was chosen the famous Ana Hickmann.

Through Twitter, Marcelo showed part of the sculpture of the host of Anything is possible, of Record:

"Anna, I am starting to make a life-size sculpture in his honor, see," he wrote.

The sculptures are made with polystyrene and porcelain and impress with perfection. He showed photos of some steps of his newest creation.

Ana Lúcia Hickmann is a Brazilian model of German descent who has worked for Victoria's Secret, Nivea, L'Oreal, Clairol, and Bloomingdales. She has appeared in the South African version of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and graced the covers of Brazilian Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle.citation needed

She currently distributes her own clothing and cosmetics lines, manages a photo studio and a DJ agency, and also hosts the daytime program Hoje em Dia, aired by Brazilian TV network Rede Record.[citation needed]

Hickmann was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The model with the longest legs", measuring 46.5" (118 cm) (measured from hip to heel) out of a total height of 73".[2] Since 2002, the Guinness Book no longer lists this title.[citation needed]

She was ranked #47 and #85 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2004,[3] and 2005,[4] respectively.

On February 14, 1998 she married former model Alexander Corrêa.

According to the column Hello, Now Sao Paulo newspaper, the host Pinheiro Titian was jealous with the harassment that her husband, Roberto Justus, suffered in the corridors of Record on Thursday (11).

They recorded with his daughter, Rafaella, the Everything Is Possible, presented by Ana Hickmann, and everyone wanted to take a picture with the manager and get an autograph. The column says that she would have been jealous for not having been bullied as a husband.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rose Leonel Fotos

Rose Leonel Fotos : jornalista rose : leonel The conviction of businessman Maringá, Eduardo Gonçalves da Silva, for libel and defamation on the Internet for publishing classified photographs of intimate moments with his ex-girlfriend, journalist Rose Leonel, reflected in the national press and networks.

The decision of the Court of the State of Paraná (PR-TJ) was published on Tuesday (16). The defendant was sentenced to one year, 11 months and 20 days of detention.

The photos of the journalist was released on the Internet in January 2006. Two years later, held the first hearing at the Special Criminal Court. In May 2009, after the seizure of the computer entrepreneur, an expert confirmed that he was responsible for the disclosure. Silva was sentenced in first instance in June last year sentence confirmed by the TJ-PR yesterday.

In an interview with The Gazette newspaper days after the first conviction (see video below), Leonel Rose revealed that the photos were a fantasy of the ex-boyfriend and said he was morally relieved by victory in battle

Dani Bolina Fazenda

Dani Bolina Fazenda : Dani Bolina finally seemed happy with new role in "The Farm 4," she managed to take over cleaning the house, when Bill Farmer Padua became the week.

The model, which since entering the reality of function demanded imposed, taking care of horses, seemed to have realized the dream when he managed to get to clean the seat. But the dream turned into a nightmare.

Earlier on Friday, the peoa only complained about the new role and vented with Compadre Washington. "You can not. This pig is very personal," he complained.

And now that Eddie will want to go back to take care of animals?

After cleaning up the quality of your criticism, decided to pick on Dinei Dani Bolina. The pawn does not forgive any opportunity to nudge the model.

Earlier on Friday (19), Dani yelled at the former player to get buckets of water to it.

In addition to call it off, Dinei was noted that all the work. Nevertheless, he was educated and got water for peoa.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daisy Lowe Playboy

She's pushing something up - but they don't appear to be daisies.

Model Daisy Lowe's eagerly anticipated Playboy cover has finally been revealed.

And it appears to be a humorous teaser for the no doubt raunchier spread to be seen inside the magazine.

Daisy Lowe's cover for the September !ssue of Pl4yboy m4g4z!ne h4s surf4ced onl!ne, fe4tur!ng the Br!t!sh model !n Pvc underwe4r - covered !n d4!s!es. The Londoner tr4velled to Hugh Hefner's Los 4ngeles m4ns!on for the hugely 4nt!c!p4ted shoot, reports the UK's D4!ly Telegr4ph.

Sever4l other shots from the spre4d h4ve 4lso found the!r w4y onl!ne, show!ng D4!sy sunb4th!ng, smok!ng c!g4rettes 4nd sk!nny d!pp!ng !n 4 pool. The m4g4z!ne's t4gl!ne re4ds, "Home 4lone w!th Daisy Lowe Lowe: The UK Model 4nd Next B!g Th!ng". The !m4ges represent Lowe's f!rst shoot for the m4g4z!ne, but she posed nude for 4 P!rell! c4lend4r photogr4phed by the controvers!4l Terry R!ch4rdson !n 2010. Daisy Lowe, the d4ughter of Pe4rl Lowe 4nd Bush s!nger G4v!n Rossd4le, follows !n the footsteps of Br!t!sh model El!z4beth J4gger, who gr4ced the June cover of the m4g4z!ne. Supermodel turned 4ctress L!ly Cole h4s prev!ously posed for the French vers!on of the men's m4g.

Daisy Lowe !s currently d4t!ng the Br!t!sh 4ctor M4tt Sm!th, 4fter meet!ng 4t the Co4chell4 V4lley Mus!c 4nd 4rts Fest!v4l. !n 2009, she fe4tured !n 'The F!rst D4ys of Spr!ng', 4 f!lm 4ccomp4n!ment to the second 4lbum by Br!t!sh !nd!e b4nd No4h 4nd The Wh4le. She recently 4ppe4red !n the v!deo to M!les K4ne's 'Come Closer'.

The 22-year-old model, who is dating Doctor Who star Matt Smith, stripped off completely in other pictures for the magazine.

She describes nude modelling as “freeing” – and loved every minute of the shoot. “I’m really proud of being the poster girl for curves, “ she says.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stacy Keibler Photos

Stacy Keibler Photos : George Clooney and the Women He’s Loved PHOTOS : George Clooney is highly desired by women everywhere, and who can blame them? The Hollywood star is charming, attractive, and deservedly successful, a modern-day Cary Grant whose humanitarian efforts span the world.

G3org3 Cloon3y is highly d3sir3d by wom3n 3v3rywh3r3, 4nd who c4n bl4m3 th3m? Th3 Hollywood st4r is ch4rming, 4ttr4ctiv3, 4nd d3s3rv3dly succ3ssful, 4 mod3rn-d4y C4ry Gr4nt whos3 hum4nit4ri4n 3fforts sp4n th3 world.

Y3s, Cloon3y h4s 4n int3rn4tion4l p4l3tt3, which h4s 4lso 3xt3nd3d to som3 of th3 wom3n in his lif3. It s33ms, how3v3r, th4t his l4t3st l4dy lov3 just might b3 31-y34r old 4m3ric4n b34uty St4cy K3ibl3r. Th3 two 4r3 r3port3dly sp3nding tim3 tog3th3r, 4 sourc3 told P3opl3 m4g4zin3, 4lthough n3ith3r p4rty h4s confirm3d 4 r3l4tionship.

K3ibl3r c4m3 to f4m3 in 1999 wh3n sh3 won 4 cov3t3d spot on th3 Nitro Girls d4nc3 group in World Ch4mpionship Wr3stling. Sh3 work3d for m4ny y34rs in th3 prof3ssion4l wr3stling circuit, mostly in 3y3-c4ndy-typ3 rol3s. Sh3 w4s 4lso 4 ch33rl34d3r for th3 B4ltimor3 R4v3ns 4nd h4s h4d sm4ll rol3s in film 4nd t3l3vision. Sh3 pl4c3d third in th3 s3cond s34son of "D4ncing with th3 St4rs."

Source :

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mercede Johnston Playboy

Mercede johnston Playboy Photos News: Former Alaska Governor and alleged presidential hopeful Sarah Palin and her family are the subjects of a profile in the September issue of Playboy.

That issue will, naturally, feature a Mercede Johnston nude spread as well.

Mercede Johnston 4nd L3vi 4r3 on3 broth3r 4nd sist3r p4ir th4t h4v3 34ch oth3r's b4ck. L3vi Johnston's littl3 sist3r h4s b33n confirm3d for th3 p4g3s of Pl4yboy, but it's M3rc3d3's blog 4bout Bristol P4lin th4t's crying for 4tt3ntion 4t th3 mom3nt.

Th3 S3pt3mb3r issu3 of Pl4yboy m4g4zin3, run by th3 still 4liv3 4nd kickin' Hugh H3fn3r, will f34tur3 th3 s3cond m3mb3r of th3 Johnston f4mily to strip down. M3rc3d3, young3r sist3r of L3vi, h4s pos3d for 4 four-p4g3 nud3 pictori4l just two y34rs 4ft3r his b4cksid3 gr4c3d th3 glossy p4g3s.

M3rc3d3 Johnston is fi3rc3ly prot3ctiv3 of h3r old3r broth3r L3vi, 4nd h4s t4k3n to blogging to d3f3nd him during Bristol P4lin's Not 4fr4id of My Lif3: My Journ3y So F4r book tour.

Th3 18-y34r-old 4ddr3ss3d th3 inf4mous night Bristol P4lin's virginity w4s "stol3n" by L3vi Johnston in 4 post titl3d "Bristol misn4m3d h3r book. It should r34d Not 4fr4id of Li3s." M3rc3d3 4sks, "Do3s 4nybody r34lly b3li3v3 4 good Christi4n girl, such 4s Bristol cl4ims to b3, would r34lly los3 h3r virginity in 4 t3nt? I don't think so. Usu4lly girls w4nt th3ir first tim3 to b3 m34ningful 4nd sp3ci4l."

"B3sid3s th3r3 h4pp3ns to b3 4 sm4ll d3t4il which Bristol chos3 to l34v3 out," sh3 continu3s. "You s33 th3r3 w4s 4noth3r coupl3 right n3xt to Bristol 4nd L3vi in th4t v3ry S4M3 t3nt. So th3 qu3stion w3 h4v3 to 4sk is, w4s th3 oth3r girl 4lso b3ing 't4k3n 4dv4nt4g3 of?'"

M3rc3d3 Johnston, who cl4ims sh3 is not 4llow3d to s33 h3r n3ph3w Tripp, 4lso c4lls foul on Bristol P4lin's cl4im th4t th3 drinking on th3 c4mping trip w4s h3r first brush with 4lcohol. "It w4s Bristol h3rs3lf who w4s 4sking 4round trying to buy 4lcohol b3for3 th3y 3v3n st4rt3d p4cking to go on this p4rticul4r c4mping trip," M3rc3d3 writ3s.

"So I think it is cl34r th4t sh3 w4s 4lw4ys pl4nning to drink whil3 th3y w3r3 c4mping. I know for 4 f4ct th4t my broth3r w4s not r3pl4cing h3r 3mpty bottl3s with full on3s, b3c4us3 L3vi n3v3r lik3d h3r to drink sinc3 it just m4d3 h3r mor3 promiscuous (Which thos3 guys in Jun34u will confirm, right Bristol?)"

W3 h4v3 to 4sk, wh3n M3rc3d3 Johnston's Pl4yboy issu3 d3buts, which will b3 hott3r th3 photos or th3 Bristol P4lin l4shing?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jasmine Waltz Video

Jasmine Waltz Video : Jasmine Waltz, who gained fame thanks be mistresses David Arquette, finally found a way to boost her popularity. The waitress whose name several times linked with a number of celebrities Hollywood (Ryan Seacrest and Chris Pine wrong both) will be releasing anything else if not a porn video.

When asked when the porn video was about to be launched, with short-Waltz answered, could be this week.

Y3st3rd4y, n3ws brok3 th4t 4 J4smin3 W4ltz s3x t4p3 would soon hit th3 m4rk3t. But th3 form3r D4vid 4rqu3tt3 (4nd Ry4n S34cr3st. 4nd Chris Pin3. 4nd J3ss3 McC4rtn3y) lov3r s4id sh3 w4s 4bsolut3ly shock3d by th3 d3v3lopm3nt.

Now, how3v3r, sourc3s confirm to TMZ th4t W4ltz 4nd h3r m4n4g3r m3t with Vivid 3nt3rt4inm3nt l4st y34r 4nd 4ctu4lly sign3d 4 contr4ct. It stipul4t3d th4t J4smin3 could pick h3r own "m4l3 t4l3nt" 4nd would b3 p4id $60,000 up front, 4long with 25% of th3 "b4ck 3nd" profits.

But th3 d34l f3ll 4p4rt 4nd, som3how, som3w4y, 4 suppos3dly priv4t3 vid3o of W4ltz 4nd som3on3 sh3 cl4ims to b3 4n 3x-boyfri3nd h4s l34k3d onlin3. It's 4 shocking situ4tion, 4kin to l34rning th4t K33ping Up with th3 K4rd4shi4ns 4ctu4lly scripts its storylin3s.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Superenalotto Estrazioni 2011

Superenalotto Estrazioni 2011 : The extraction of Superenalotto today, Saturday, July 9, 2011, the Competition Sisal SuperEnalotto 82, gave his verdict: the winning numbers are 11 - 22 - 42-49 - 58 - 89 bonus number 78, number Superstar 22. It was centered 6 no, while there was a 5 +1 to be € 635,714.44.

The jackpot continues its race to € 40,400,000. As for the previous extractions Superenalotto, Thursday, July 7, 2011, the Competition Sisal SuperEnalotto 81 extracted the following numbers: 1 - 2 - 34-54 - 79 - 88 bonus number 45, number Superstar 53. As for the winnings, it was not centered any 6 or 5 +1, the jackpot was 39 million. Let's take a step back to the extraction of the Superenalotto Tuesday, July 5, 2011, the Competition Sisal SuperEnalotto 80.

The numbers drawn were 2 - 6 - 7 - 51 - 57 to 71, bonus number 10, number Superstar 49. There was no 6 or 5 +1, the jackpot was 38.1 million euros.

The Superenalotto, crazy game that millions of Italians and feeds the dreams of wealth, is a competition managed and organized by Sisal, which made its debut in Italy December 3, 1997 to replace dell'Enalotto. It was closely linked to the extraction of the lot until June 30, 2009:

To win it was necessary to guess the first number drawn in the wheels of Bari, Florence, Milan, Palermo, Rome and Naples. The winning combination included the first extract of Venice (the so-called "bonus number") and the "number SuperStar", ie the first statement on the National wheel. From 1 July 2009, since when has entered into force on the new regulation, the two extractions are separated: the winning numbers and numbers of Superenalotto SuperStar Jolly and are no longer determined by the numbers of the Lotto, but are drawn in a draw appropriate.

Sandy Entrevista Playboy

The Playboy it will provide the audio of interview with Sandy, where she states: "It is possible to have anal pleasure." Sandy used to say that Twitter was not quite what she said.

"It was well that my answer. But're worth blogging! I never said and do not talk about my sex life details. "

To prove he did not put words into the mouth of Sandy told the magazine, through its advisory, which will provide audio of the interview.

"When the magazine is on newsstands in August, Playboy will offer excerpts from the audio on your website," says the publication.

Sandy went to the list of the most talked about topics on Twitter.

Sandy Entrevista Playboy Fotos

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Denise Richards Baby

Denise Richards Baby : The actress 'Denise Richards' make remarks are shocking. Admittedly the former wife of actor Charlie Sheen this, she ever having sex with the same sex friend, who is also from the celebrity.

A very personal story that she uttered when it became guest star on the show The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday (26/07/2011) in order to promo The Real Girl Next Door, starring.

Although ever having sex with women same sex The mother of three children this did not want to say a lesbian. Even if the reason she doing it, because she just wanted to just try

Denise claimed she are still perfectly normal. Busy life now is taking care of a baby girl named Eloise Joni, who had adoption of last June. Saturday (7/23/2011) last week, she held a celebration at his residence attended by colleagues such as Tori Spelling, Alison Sweeney and Ali Landry.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adriane Galisteu Fotos

The anniversary edition of Playboy that brings on the cover Adriane Galisteu should only hits the newsstands on August 7, but the magazine anticipated some test photos of naked presenter.

Adriane Galisteu Playboy Fotos : In the picture, Adriane Galisteu will board a boat in the waters of San Pietro in Positano, Italywhere it was clicked by the lenses of J. R. Duran. The blonde wears a hat and covers the private parts with his hands. In addition to the shaped body, the thighs by Adriane which were clearly visible in the photograph have given what to say. "I do not shave the whole leg, just half and half. Alexandre prefer a share lisinha and other furry, "said the presenter is referring to the husband, businessman Alexandre Iódice.

At 36, Adriane she posed for Playboy for a second time. Her debut was in 1995 when, at 22, the presenter had record sales of the publication, later superseded by Joana Prado, the Witch, and Suzana Alves, Auntie, who now occupy the first and second places in the ranking of sales of the magazine, respectively. Interestingly, the first test was the blonde in the memory of fans for the picture that she appears to shave.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nursery Rhymes Video

Nursery Rhymes Video : The oldest children's songs of which we have records are lullabies, intended to help a child sleep. Lullabies can be found in every human culture. The English term lullaby is thought to come from lu, lu or la la sound made by mothers or nurses to calm children, and by by or bye bye, either another lulling sound, or a term for good night.

Nursery Rhymes Video

Until the modern era lullabies were usually only recorded incidentally in written sources. The Roman nurses' lullaby, Lalla, Lalla, Lalla, aut dormi, aut lacte", is recorded in a scholium on Persius and may be the oldest to survive.

The hidden meanings and origins of nursery rhymes has been argued by some, most notably in the writings of John Bellenden Ker ?1765–1842, who argued in four volumes that English nursery rhymes were actually written in 'Low Saxon' a hypothetical early form of Dutch. He then 'translated' them back into English, revealing particularly a strong tendency to anti-clericalism.

Many of the ideas about the links between rhymes and historical persons, or events, can be traced back to Katherine Elwes, The Real Personages of Mother Goose (1930), which found identities for then famous characters in nursery rhymes on little or no evidence in any historical source, assuming that children's songs are a peculiar form of coded historical narrative, propaganda or covert protest, and rarely considering that they could be just entertainments.

Many medieval English verses associated with the birth of Jesus take the form of a lullaby, including "Lullay, my liking, my dere son, my sweting" and may be versions of contemporary lullabies.

However, most of those used today date from the 17th century. For example, a well known lullaby such as "Rock-a-bye, baby on a tree top", cannot be found in records until the late-18th century when it was printed by John Newbery c. 1765.

The term nursery rhyme is used for "traditional" songs for young children in Britain and many other countries, but usage only dates from the 19th century and in North America the older ‘Mother Goose Rhymes’ is still often used.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dead

Amy Winehouse Dead : Until now has not clear cause of the death the singer Amy Winehouse. Reportedly, the singer hits 'Love is a Losing Game' It drinking to forget her lover, Reg Travis who is a film director.

As quoted by Daily Mail on Monday (7/25/2011), Amy Winehouse allegedly experience depression after the her relationship with Reg finally aground again. Police sources revealed that Amy died after the binge alcoholic.

Earlier, the news had circulated that says Amy Winehouse bought drugs on Friday (07/22/2011) at around 10:30 pm local time. However, the initial investigation the police found no drugs in Amy's house in Camden, London, England.

Amy was found lifeless by her personal bodyguard on Saturday (07/23/2011) at her residence. Spokesman "Amy, Chris" saying Amy was only accompanied by bodyguards assigned to watch him.

"Amy was in her bedroom after the she said wanted to sleep and when the her bodyguard to wake him, she was found not breathing," says Chris.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Video Silvina Escudero spam on Facebook

Video Silvina Escudero spam on Facebook : The much talked banned video for 'Silvia' squire became a spam Facebook. It ca surprise among the thousands of surfers a link to the video bailarana course, that clicking on it are taken to a place where there is advertising.

The link takes the enticing title of video banned from Silvina Escudero, which excites social network users. However, there is great disappointment when they encounter a web site advertising is far from containing the video.

Moreover, redirect the user to another site, a comment with words like "incredible", "best", "no shame", making thousands of people fall into the trap. You can also read the following sentence: "You can not cover the sun with your hand, here's the video from which they were banned photos of the actress."

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Alex Morgan Soccer

Alex Morgan Soccer : The youngest player to compete in the 21 United States women's soccer World Cup in Germany, Alex Morgan, is 21 years a leading figure in this team and the leader of a generation that intends to continue giving the country titles of 'soccer'.

In Wednesday's match against France in a 3-1 victory in the semifinals, Morgan entered the field in the second half and with Megan Rapinoe revolutionized the offensive game, shooting a team that was being put on the ropes.

It had a great first time that he could not push the network by the intervention of the archer 'bleue' Bérangère Sipowicz, but in 82 minutes, with 2-1 in favor of theirs, no failed and got a backlash distances that brought a 3-1 and sealed the passage to the final.

"What I have clear is that Alex Morgan will not only play this World Cup. It's a great player, very fast and talented, sure he will play many others," she said of her partner Abby Wambach, considered one of the stars of the future.

The Swedish American coach, Pia Sundhage, usually reluctant to personify the cited expressly to mention the most prominent players in the match against the French in Moenchengladbach.

"I'm the most competitive person I know. It is an attitude that I always had and that helped me achieve a lot. Thanks, Dad, let me never deserved to win though and for teaching me what to feel lost," Morgan said before the tournament showing one of the main features of his character.

Morgan became known in international tournaments for the FIFA U-20, 2008, in which both won the team's victory in the final against North Korea.

With all the national team debut on March 31, 2010 against Mexico in Salt Lake City and 20 November in Padua achieved one of the most important goals of the team's recent history in a 1-0 win over Italy in the round of the playoffs that allowed the U.S. to be in this World Cup.

California This player, who plays for Western New York's Flash Brazilian superstar Marta, also has important Latin influences from growing up in California, among which his former trainer and boyfriend Edward Servando Carrasco, a Mexican player in the Seattle and Sounders of Major League Soccer (MLS).

"UC Berkeley has changed me. It has helped build my character and helped me to realize what is most exciting of my life, football," he said.

In the final against Japan on Sunday in Frankfurt, could gain the absolute first major title of his life, but if the experts' forecasts are met, will be only the first of a long career in the elite of 'soccer' U.S. and world football.

Alex Morgan is an American soccer player from Diamond Bar, California. She is a forward for the Western New York Flash of Women's Professional Soccer and member of the US Women's National Team. Morgan was the youngest player on the USA's roster at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup.

As a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, Morgan was the leading scorer for the Golden Bears with eight goals in 2007.

Her last goal of her freshman season came against Stanford in the second round of the 2007 NCAA Tournament, tying the game at 1–1 with less than two minutes left in regulation time and forcing the Cardinal into overtime and then to penalty kicks.

However, Stanford prevailed, and went on to the third round of the tournament

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'll chase you to the end of the world Download

If someone is in love but his love that can not be divided with the person who was in him, then the right word he say is I'll Chase You To The End Of The World.

Person who currently in love sometimes say, 'I'm deeply in love'. Imagine the expression! as though you are were just standing there without doing nothing, and then suddenly something came along and happened to you. Falling in love is easy. It's a passive and spontaneous.

But, after several years of marriage, the euphoria of love that too will fade. This change is a natural cycle and happens to all of the bonds. Slowly but surely. phone calls become a bother, touch is not always expected, and his enthusiastic attitude instead of being something sweet but instead add to the existing fatigue.

I'll Chase You To The End Of The World not always ideal with love,But that sentence also often used as a mainstay weapon by the bloggers who are being intoxicated by $$ :D .

Well, if you feel very curious to know how beautiful the song I'll Chase You To The End Of The World. Please follow this link!!! Click here to download.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bree Olson Twitter

Bree Olson Twitter : The name "Bree Olson" this time back into a warm conversation in various media, especially on the Internet,

The woman who is known as American pornographic actress and Penthouse Pet it now reportedly appeared on the cover of the Playboy magazine for the August issue.

Not to be a strange thing again, if there is news like this is very obvious if pictures of Bree Olson will be much sought after by many people, especially on the internet.

But unfortunately Ciela Personal Blog can not publish photos of Bree Olson playboy here, because it is strictly prohibited.

In accordance with the titles listed above, I will give you information about Bree Olson twitter and please visit this link to join with "Bree Olson" on Twitter.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Angie Varona returned again publish a her picture of very vulgar

After so long never again visited the blog Angie Varona because so many activities that made ​​I have to leave blogging.

But when today I come back visit on her blog, I are presented an amazing scenery that I have not seen before.

"Woow!! Angie Varona returned again publish a her picture of very vulgar :D " That's the first one word that comes out of my oral when I presented a new image that very challenging.

As I know, in a previous post I have never found a picture like this. Most of photos that she publish only a bikini photo that can be said to be reasonable for consumed public.But somehow she so bold as to publish photos like this.

What do you think about this photo?.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sobe Kate Upton

Sobe Kate Upton : Kate Upton is getting hot. 18-year-old model who has been earned a woman last summer, this is the testimony of a Sobe beverage in place of the evil lay in the beautiful cleavage. She joked with the camera and the beauty of the body that captivated the audience.

Kate Upton Bikini Photos

She was only 18 but all competing for it. Kate Upton, the video model lists different types of protagonist pretty amazing on the web.

The blonde, sensual curves and a dizzying Yutsai immortalized in a video for Guess in black and white where it offers a beautiful strip. Before the bras, then pants, Kate Upton still naked covered only by sheets.

Kate Upton Pictures

Kate Upton, who many referred to as the heir to Brigitte Bardot, given the great similarity, has posed for Sports Illustrated catalog of costumes and a spokesman for the.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hope Solo Pictures

Hope Solo Pictures : The target is one of the weakest a position in women's soccer. Soon as the word the experts. But, only see it in action for the "Hope Solo", the American goalkeeper who began to seriously doubt that claim. Take the example of the quarter-finals of the Women's World Cup "FIFA Alemania 2011™ ".

Hope Solo Pictures

"Hope Solo", selected as the best player that the game in which the U.S. beat Brazil in a penalty shot after a 2-2 draw after extra time. She stopped a penalty in regulation time (though it must be repeated), she made spectacular save Cristiane auction, Rosana, Fabiana, Marta.

Hope Solo Photos

If four years ago marks the beginning of the World Cup semi-finals of an ordeal especially now that the forum is an opportunity to make history. Although the rival will not push them. "France is one of the teams with the best attack in the world. It's physically strong players. We will not underestimate, they have great respect and appreciation for our outstanding performances they have done in this tournament. It will be a very difficult game , anything can happen, "analysis of MagicJack's guards.

In his words, certainly hope you know the data. France is the organizer of the auction team tournament with 80 shots, 32 in between the posts. It is true that the United States account for only 4 shots are so, so, statistically at least, promising an entertaining game.

But perhaps not the type of entertainment that you feel like a goalie. "Actually I do not care about no French player in particular. I believe my team, I know we will be very concentrated, we will do what it takes to get ahead, to a very offensive team is doing an outstanding tournament," said the Washington , for them the key will repeat what makes them strong in the face of Brazil: "There we are moving forward as a team, we were united, concentrated, and give it everything. He has given us great confidence to face the next commitment.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Paige Duke Photos

Paige Duke Photos . Such is probably for the near future by Paige Duke. Six years old hot pictures that surfaced on the Internet now, led to the immediate termination of the 24-year-old from South Carolina, which represented the beginning of 2010 the tracks sponsor of NASCAR. After all: "We wish her all the best for their future," Sprint did announce now.

Are also in the so prudish America eagerly debated: Did the officials overreacted or not? Meanwhile transform themselves via 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' some sympathizer groups, voting on various U.S. websites easily see Duke again. Take advantage of this course is very little that she also sees herself.

"I want to straighten the matter," she told Fox Charlotte '. "I stand up for my mistake. I've done that and I've already shed many tears about it. But I'm hiding my tears and the whole game too tired." And also has ousted an urgent recommendation to other young girls at camp.

"I can only tell all the girls that they can learn an important lesson from my fate," Page told the 'News Charlotte Observer. "All of which you believe that it is purely private nature, one day Are no longer be private. I hope I can contribute, so that other girls will not one day have to do the same.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Amber Rose Pictures

Amber Rose Pics : While she has been just made fired because of pictures hardcore, Amber Rose has decided to completely move on. Indeed, while it had Love & Basketball in Atlantic City alongside Nas and Kelly Rowland, the model appeared with a new haircut.

Amber Rose Pictures : Amber Rose was then presented with numerous brown curls! The younger woman of 28 had previously proudly wore a bald head or slightly covered with small hairs. So a new Amber Rose that was discovered yesterday.

Amber Rose Photos :

Perhaps it is because of hardcore pictures subject on which Wiz Khalifa supporter, Amber Rose has decided to change your look. Apparently the story had moved many and you can see it decides to make a new start.

But her old haircut suited her so well, it's a little out of the lot, although we can say that it is well that way too. How do we do now to recognize in the crowd? So bald and curly, how do you like Amber Rose?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Aishwarya Rai Pregnant

Aishwarya Rai Pregnant : The Indian actress Aishwarya Rai is now being pregnant. Waiting "Aishwarya Rai" to have children finally answered. However, no further information was several months of age gestation Aishwarya Rai.

The Good News was announced by "Amitabh Bachchan". "Good News I'm going to be a grandfather.
Aishwarya is pregnant now! Very happy, happy!" through his Twitter account.

Of course, the news of pregnancy the actress makes her have to work hard, finding a suitable role for Rai. Shooting schedule had to be speeded up so that her pregnancy is not interrupted.

However, Rai did not mind. "Ash (call Rai) is very professional. Madhur trying to complete shooting on July 30," said a source told The Times of India. "In fact, Ash had finished shooting some scenes, so we are optimistic that the film could be completed on time,"

Rai and Bachchan has reportedly very excited welcoming the baby. Not surprisingly, they want to cuddle the baby since getting married in 2007. That is one reason they do not want to move to Hollywood, although increasingly moncer Rai career after taking part comedy The Pink Panther.

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Vicki Gunvalson Pics

Vicki Gunvalson Wiki : Vicki Gunvalson married first husband Michael J. Wolfsmith at the age of 21 and together they had two children, Michael, who works with his mother at Coto Insurance, and Briana, a nurse.

In a 2009 edition of Life and Style magazine Vicki Gunvalson told how her first marriage was an abusive relationship, that Michael was an alcoholic, was abusive verbally and had many affairs during their marriage.

Vicki Gunvalson Pics - Pictures.

The couple divorced when Vicki was 29. Her ex-husband denies that he cheated on Vicki or abused her either emotionally or physically.

She owns and runs Coto Insurance and Financial Services.Vicki Gunvalson has stated that she realized the importance of insurance when her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at 59 years old.

She was born on March 27, 1962 and lived in the Chicago suburb Mount Prospect, and the family later moved to Palatine in her freshman year of high school, Vicki Gunvalson attended Fremd High School.

Of the family's 5 children, she was the first biological child born 5 years after her parents adopted twin girls Kathy and Kim.

She is an American reality television personality, who is best known for her starring role as a housewife in the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gunvalson, a resident of the exclusive Coto de Caza community, is the only woman to have been profiled throughout the series' run so far six seasons.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Courtney Alexis Stodden

The Hollywood actor Doug Hutchison create a controversial news. 51-year-old the actor married to a 16-year-old singer.

Doug Hutchison reportedly married "Courtney Alexis Stodden" in Las Vegas, United States, last month. This was revealed through a statement the couple it to E! News.

"We realize we are very much different age," the statement both. "But we very much in love one another and want to send a message to people that true love regardless of age."
Courtney Alexis Stodden

In Las Vegas, 15-year-old woman can marry if she gets permission from her parents. Therefore it, most likely the parents Stodden approve her marriage with Hutchison.

Hutchison is known through the television series Lost and The Green Mile. Meanwhile, Stodden is the former beauty queen's who are being build his career as a singer. According to rumors circulating, Stodden contracted production company owned by Hutchison.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fotos De Naruto

As someone who can be said naruto anime lovers,of course, always faithful to continue to wait for new episodes ready to aired.

Like in the story of naruto 217 video and chapters that has been circulated on several websites on the internet, it turns out the episode in turn make the lovers of this anime made ​​curious to keep waiting for the next episode.

While waiting for the presence of naruto 218 that have not been we can see, this time I will try to make the post title is fotos de naruto or in English is picture of naruto.

Fotos De Naruto

Maybe this is just some naruto pictures that I can give for you, and if I have the latest naruto picture, I will certainly publish more here.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Lunar Eclipse 2011 video

On Thursday 06.16.11 morning, people in all parts of Indonesia had the opportunity to witness a total lunar eclipse phenomenon directly. In these unique events, facilitating community Bosscha Observatory, astronomers, and students to witness the phenomenon up close through telescopes.

Rare occurrence can be witnessed by the entire people of Indonesia with the naked eye at around 1:00 pm. Peak lunar eclipse occurred at about 2:00 am until 3:00 pm when the whole moon into a dark and red. After that, the shadow of the moon slowly leaving the earth .

Lunar Eclipse 2011 Video

The judge also explained that this phenomenon can be witnessed in all regions in Indonesia with the naked eye if the weather is good. In Bandung, a unique phenomenon can also be seen easily despite occasional local clouds and fog. This phenomenon can also be witnessed in the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Lunar eclipse that occurred on that day lasted 5 hours, while a total lunar eclipse occurs during the 1 hour 45 minutes, where the sunlight is reflected to the earth and the moon. According to the data, the eclipse that occurred is one of the longest eclipses that have occurred in Indonesia.

Live Streaming

On the occasion, Bosscha Observatory in collaboration with RI Kominfo establish test live streaming service. To prepare the service, binoculars fitted with special cameras, then the imagery associated with the internet service through a server owned Kominfo.

Furthermore, the public can access this live streaming via the official website of Bosscha and Communication and Information The facility plan is accessible to the public on Wednesday 15/6/11 at 23:30 pm, but this trial experienced service problems in the hold facility.

Interesting and Important

The phenomenon of the eclipse became the significance in studying the phenomena that occur on Earth. In addition to beautiful, the eclipse can also indicate the level of gross earth's atmosphere, analyze time, as well as to account for the occurrence of significant events and the occurrence of the next eclipse.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Terraria Wiki game

Terraria Wiki game
  • Genre: Indie side scroller action-adventure/RPG.
  • Programmer: Andrew Redigit Spinks.
  • Developer: Re-Logic.
  • Platform: Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP,
  • Mode: multiplayer co-op and/or PvP,Single-player.
  • Producer: Jeremy Blue Guerrette.

Terraria has received very favorable reviews with an 86/100 metascore on Metacritic. In a review for Destructoid, Jordan Devore stated that, "You need to give Terraria a chance. It's affordable, unpredictable, full of depth, and most promising of all, the game is still growing through free updates." Gameblog.

fr reviewer Fumble gave the game four out of five stars, with the one major criticism being that the 800x600 max window size makes playing the game difficulthowever, this maximum window resolution has been changed as of the 1.04 update.

For, reviewer Stefano Castelli said, "This is a game that takes over the whole concept and mechanics of Minecraft, but manages to successfully integrate it into a fully two-dimensional sphere."

Terraria is noted for its similarity to Minecraft and classic exploration/adventure titles such as Metroid. Basic gameplay features day/night cycles, aggressive nocturnal attackers such as zombies and goblins, world-building elements and character advancement based on increases to health/mana and equipment found while exploring.

The game has a graphical style reminiscent of the 16-bit sprites found in video games released for the SNES.

At the start of the game, players have a copper axe, and a copper pickaxe. They start out with 5 hearts, which is equal to 100 health. When the player first spawns in the world, an NPC called the Guide will appear nearby and can explain the basics of gameplay.

Once the player's first house has been built, the Guide will move in to the first available NPC room, provided that one is available.

Terraria is an action-adventure/RPG indie game released by independent game studio Re-Logic. The game features exploration, crafting, building structures and combat with a variety of creatures.

The Game's slogan is Shut up and Dig Gaiden which is a reference to an RPG game called "Barkley: Shut up and Jam Gaiden"

Released on May 16, 2011, the game is estimated to have sold about 50,000 copies during its first day of release, with over 17,000 players online at the same time during the first day's peak.

Over the course of a week, 200,000 copies of the game were sold, making it the top selling game on Steam for the week, "ahead of games like The Witcher 2 and Portal 2." It remained number one on Steam for the first six days of its release before it eventually dropped to the number two slot.

Official website :

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shakira Rabiosa Video

Shakira Rabiosa Video After the Rihanna and Britney Spears who show off as an erotic dancer when they appear at the Billboard Music Awards show and received harsh criticism,

Apparently the trend erotic dancer not extinguished. even now turn who into a dancer Shakira erotic ,because now there is again an erotic dancer is no less sexy if compared with the "Rihanna and Britney Spears”, she is Shakira in the newest song entitled "rabiosa"

Shakira - Rabiosa ft. Pitbull Video

The difference, the appearance of this beautiful woman as a stripper would appear in the video clip for the song newest, Rabiosa.Wearing a bikini which very thin and high heels, Shakira, who is also famous as a belly dancer, mobilize all its capabilities.

In an scene, Shakira visible descend the stairs of a nightclub dressed in clothes that is very risky, before finally displaying an erotic dance with a pole as a property, even, Shakira also prove her flexibility with doing the splits..

The song it released in two languages. For an English version, Shakira hook Pitbull, while El Cata, a Dominican artist, singing with her in the Spanish version taken from the album songs Sale El Sol or The Sun Comes Out of this.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Breaking Dawn Wedding

Breaking Dawn Wedding : During the three consecutive years, the romantic movie themed vampire selected as the best movie, blessing the good of the enthusiast Hollywood.

The Twillight Saga: Eclipse lead with eight nominations won five awards. Repeating the success of last year, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back become the best actor and actress, consecutive.

Couples who actually dating in the real world it also won the best kiss category. Pattinson was celebrate by running into the audience to smooch with fellow players, Taylor Lautner.

Pattinson won an additional award for best fighting and share the cup-shaped golden popcorn place with Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel.

With the categories like that, no one will be confused with the MTV in an effort congratulatory Academy Awards (Oscar). The main purpose of the event is to promote the upcoming popular movies targeting young MTV viewers.

Of course footage preview movie "Twillight" fourth, Breaking Dawn, Part 1, played on 18 November. Samples are supernatural thriller eksluisf Super 8, which began playing in theaters Friday and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, which airs July 15.

The award was determined by online voting fans are likely to determine the victory of Justin Bieber in the category of "best jaw dropping moment" for her 3D concert film Never Say Never. Canadian teen idol star beat suspenseful scenes in films such as Black Swan and 127 Hours.

The producers of The Social Network likely will not be able to sleep because of thinking about why the Oscar-winning script from the movie lost Aaron Sorkin Growns Ups in the category "the best line from a movie." Quote of the winner, "I want to get chocolate wasted," spoken by the actress Alexys Nycole Sanchez.

Mark Jackson Wiki

Mark Jackson Wiki
  • Name : Mark A. Jackson.
  • Listed weight: 195 lb 88 kg.
  • Listed height: 6 ft 3 in 1.91 m.
  • High school : Bishop Loughlin.
  • Date of birth: Brooklyn, New York, April 1, 1965 1965,04,01.
  • Age :46.

Mark Jackson Biography
Mark Jackson was born in Brooklyn, New York to an American father and Dominican mother. Jackson was regarded as one of the nation's elite point guards while attending Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn under coach Patrick Quigley.

Mark Jackson Video

Jackson gained a reputation as a streetballer in New York and a college hoops star at St. John's University. While at St. John's, he played alongside Chris Mullin for one year. He credits Mullin with teaching him the importance of rigorous practice work in the gym.

Mark Jackson Picture

Mark Jackson is a retired American professional basketball player and the current head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He played point guard for the New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Toronto Raptors, Utah Jazz, and Houston Rockets in the NBA in a career spanning from 1987 to 2004.

Jackson has also worked as a commentator for ESPN and ABC alongside his former coach Jeff Van Gundy and play-by-play man Mike Breen. He was previously an NBA analyst for The YES Network's New Jersey Nets games.

Source : Wikipedia

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake

Mila Kunis Justin Timberlake at MTV Movie Awards : Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis who joined as host makes a surprise at the MTV Movie Awards 2011. On the stage, Justin suddenly squeeze chest Mila Kunis in the movie "Friends with Benefits" it.

This was doing Justin and Mila when announcing nomination of Best Male Performance. Mila also reciprocate with grabbing the genitals singer of hits 'Sexy Back' it.
Before make that scene, Justin and Mila was deny if they were dating.

After breaking up with Jessica Biel, Justin was touted a relationship with movie stars 'Black Swan' it.

Although we are played in the movie 'Friends with Benefits', Mila and I not never dating, "says Justin who is now 30 years old.

MTV Movie Awards 20 held at the Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, California, United States on Sunday (06/05/2011) local time.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Toni Braxton Photos

Toni Braxton Playboy Photos, Pictures News : The singer Toni Braxton is reportedly experiencing financial difficulties. She admitted being were in debt so threatened broke.
She planned to accept an offer to pose nude in Playboy for the overcome its financial difficulties. However, Toni not yet dared to decide.

Toni Braxton is still hesitant to pose without clothes because they still think of these two sons, Denim and Diezel. She afraid if her sexy photos will adversely affect her two children.

Previously, when offered Playboy, Toni is very enthusiastic for the be a cover on the adult magazine. She even happily expresses it in her personal twitter account early last year. The singer was trapped in debt $ 50 million and also plus with credit card bills. She has filed for bankruptcy. This is not the first time, Toni filed bankruptcy. Of 1998 and she also doing the same thing.

She began dare to look sexy in adult men's magazines. This is done Toni Braxton to get big salaries.

According to news reported by Aceshowbiz, Braxton is experiencing financial crisis since last October.
For to increase the revenues and repay these debts, Braxton willing to accept an offer for the pose for Playboy magazine.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ricky Rubio Biography

Ricky Rubio Biography
Name :Ricky Rubio
Nationality :Spanish
Listed weight :190 lb 86 kg
Date of birth :October 21, 1990 (1990-10-21) (age 20)
Listed height :6 ft 4 in 1.93 m
Place of birth :Spain,El Masnou, Barcelona.

On June 24, 2009, the Minnesota Timberwolves acquired the 5th pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila and Oleksiy Pecherov from the Washington Wizards, in exchange for Randy Foye and Mike Miller. With the 5th pick, Minnesota selected Rubio, making him the first player born in the 1990s to be drafted. The Timberwolves had a total of four first round picks in the 2009 NBA Draft.

They used the 6th and 18th picks in the first round and chose two other point guards, Jonny Flynn from Syracuse and Ty Lawson from North Carolina, surprising many in the NBA. Lawson's draft rights were soon traded to the Denver Nuggets.[16] The Timberwolves then used the 28th pick to select Wayne Ellington, a shooting guard from North Carolina.

Ricky Rubio Biography : He is a Spanish professional basketball player with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Rubio became the youngest player ever to play in the Spanish ACB League on October 15, 2005, at age 14. On June 25, 2009, he was drafted with the fifth pick in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves,making him the first player born in the 1990s to be drafted by the NBA.

The Timberwolves had an agreement in principle with his former Spanish team, DKV Joventut, to buy out his contract, but Rubio backed out of the deal.On August 31, 2009, Joventut traded the rights to Rubio to FC Barcelona, and Rubio signed a six-year contract with FC Barcelona the following day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fotos De Mujeres - beautiful women photos

Fotos De Mujeres : Trying to create a post with the title fotos de Mujeres or in the English language is the women photos.
In accordance with a title that I wrote above, this time you will I give some photos of beautiful women.
Here are some photos of women who would make the men infatuated.
Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is an American auto racing driver, model and advertising spokeswoman currently competing in the IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Patrick was named the Rookie of the Year for both the 2005 Indianapolis 500 and the 2005 IndyCar Series season. With her win in the 2008 Indy Japan 300, Patrick became the first woman to win an Indy car race.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison, is an American model and television personality. She is widely known for being one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on the reality television series The Girls Next Door.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Born in Santa Barbara, California, and raised by Christian pastor parents, Perry grew up listening to only gospel music and sang in her local church as a child. After earning a GED during her freshman year of high school, she began to pursue a career in music.
As Katy Hudson, she released a self-titled gospel album in 2001, which was unsuccessful. She later recorded an album with production team The Matrix and completed the majority of a solo album from 2004–5, neither of which were released.

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto is an Indian actress and model best known for her portrayal of Latika in the 2008 Academy Award winning film Slumdog Millionaire, for which she won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. In 2010, she starred in the films You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and as the title character in Miral.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Casey Anthony Photos

Casey Anthony Photos : Caylee Anthony was an American toddler who disappeared in June 2008 and whose body was discovered five months later attracting national attention.

Her mother, Casey Anthony, was indicted on October 14, 2008, and was in county jail when jury selection for her trial began May 9, 2011. Casey, her defense team, and her family maintain she did not harm her child and that she is innocent of all charges.

She was reported missing to the Orange County Sheriff's Office Orlando, Florida, United States on July 15, 2008, by her grandmother, Cynthia Cindy Anthony.

Caylee had lived in her grandparents' home with her mother, Casey Anthony, until June 15, 2008. According to George Anthony, Caylee's grandfather, Casey Anthony left the family's home on June 16, 2008, around 1 p.m., taking Caylee, who was almost 3, with her.

Cindy Anthony asked repeatedly during the month to see Caylee but Casey stated she was too busy with a work assignment in Tampa. At other times, she said Caylee was with a nanny at theme parks or the beach.

Buster Posey Injury Video

Buster Posey Injury Video : Looking at the massive impact at the plate Buster Posey who sent the Giants to the infirmary, Ray Fosse wondered why after all these years, there are not really regulations to protect the recipients at the plate.

And if anyone knows whereof he speaks with respect to collisions, it's Ray Fosse.

He has been at the heart of one of the most memorable shock in the history of baseball, when Pete Rose hit to score the winning point-Star Game in 1970.

The right shoulder Fosse was moved permanently, and although he eventually recovered from the injury, his statistics began to decline several years later.

"After the collision with Rose in '70, there were two guys who beat me when I looked at elsewhere, by standing. You never see guys expelled for that, "said Fosse, who does not go so far as to ask baseball to change its rule book.

Edwin on Buster Posey injury

The collision between Posey and Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins, legal but painful to watch, brings to the forefront the issue of impact at the plate.

Posey, rookie of the year in the National in 2010 suffered a broken left leg and tore three ligaments in his ankle. It is believed that his season is over.

In recent years, the NFL has taken seriously dangerous tackles and imposed stiffer fines to make the game safer. In baseball, some would see shares of the same type, while others consider shocks to be as marbles embedded in baseball as "Cracker Jacks" and the break in the seventh inning stretch.

The manager Bruce Botchy of the Giants, former catcher often wounded in the head during his years as a player, would like to see baseball explore ways to protect players.

"I think we should consider small changes, because the receiver is so vulnerable and there have been many who have had serious injuries that have ended career, or who have shortened," has Bochy said.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia, the Dodgers dominated the matches played as a receiver and had several high velocity impact, including classics with Jack Clark and Chili Davis. He believes there is an unwritten code among players depending on the issue, the moment of the match and the position of catcher on the sequence.

"It's like breaking a double game, Scioscia said. The receiver does not move and he will try to block the plate, which is his right. And the rider also has the right to settle there, it of course. “

The catcher Jason Varitek, Red Sox, is considered one of the best for the marble block. He believes that collisions are part of baseball, even if it sometimes puts in the line of fire.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tatiana Golovin Samir Nasri

Tatiana Golovin Samir Nasri : Samir Nasri offered a meeting with Rihanna at a gala charity for the homeless, at which an encounter with the star was Barbadian auction.

The French international, Arsenal made ​​a nice gesture by making a donation of 20,000 euros, while realizing his dream to meet Rihanna, his favorite singer.

This meeting with Rihanna will certainly not cause the jealousy of her longtime girlfriend, Tatiana Golovin.
Remember that it is mostly for the good cause. The amounts collected that day, will help charities, very involved with the homeless.

Tatiana Golovin is an inactive Russian-born French professional tennis player. She is best known for her explosive forehand, which is said to be one of the best at the time.

The 23-year-old's highest singles ranking to date is 12. However, just as she began experiencing success, in 2008, she was diagnosed with lower back inflammation and was forced to stop playing competitive tennis indefinitely.

Golovin spent six years at Nick Bollettieri's tennis camp in Bradenton, Florida. She is currently coached by former World No. 1 Mats Wilander, having previously been coached by Brad Gilbert and Dean Goldfine.

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