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Nutrient Of Red Beans

Nutrient Of Red Beans : Kidney beans actually has the ability to cope with various diseases, among them capable of reducing damage to blood vessels, capable of lowering blood cholesterol levels, reduce blood sugar concentration, and reduce the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer.

nutrient content of red beans are very good for the health of the human body. Dry beans are a source of vegetable protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B, folasin, thiamine, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Folasin are essential nutrients that can reduce the risk of damage to blood vessels.

Kidney beans contain fat and sodium is very low, almost free of saturated fat, and free kolersterol. In addition, red beans is also a good source of fiber. In 100 grams of dried red beans, can produce 4 grams of fiber consisting of a water soluble fiber and insoluble fiber water. Water-soluble fiber can significantly lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

To get the perfect properties of red beans, there are some things that need to be done in the process. After soaking, remove red bean soaking water. Then boil the red beans in a covered pan for 3 minutes, and let stand for 2 hours so the juices settle. Change the soaking water is boiled it with water, and let stand overnight. The next day, red beans ready to be cooked into a delicious meal. This needs to be done to eliminate the ability of red beans to produce gas in the intestines that would make the stomach feel bloated.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tea health drink

Tea health drink : Tea is a tropical and subtropical plant which is scientifically known as Camellia Sinensis. From approximately 3000 types of tea result of interbreeding, the results obtained are 3 kinds of tea process, namely green tea, oolong tea and black tea. How tea processing tea leaves by chopping and drying in the sun so that chemical changes before being dried. The treatment will cause the color of the leaves turn brown and give a taste of black tea are typical.

Green tea, the oldest type of tea, so favored mainly by Japanese and Chinese society. Here the tea leaves have a bit of cooking, heating and drying so that only green leaf color can be maintained. While oolong tea is more of a type intermediate between black tea and green tea. The three types of tea each with its own health benefits because it contains binding biochemical called polyfenol, including flavonoids. Flavonoids are a group of antioxidants that exist naturally in vegetables, fruits, and beverages such as tea and wine.

Subclass of polyphenols include flavonols, flavonoids, flavanones, anthocyanidins, catechins, and biflavan. Derivatives of catechins such as epi-cathecin (EC), epigallo-cathecin (EGC), cathecin epigallo-gallate (EGCG), and quercetin is mainly found in tea. EGCG and quercetin is a powerful anti-oxidant with a strength of up to 4-5 times higher than vitamin E and C which is also a potential antioxidant. Antioxidants are known to prevent cells from damage considering each cell damage will contribute more than 50 diseases.

Green tea contains EGCG, as well as black tea, says a biochemist. In a study by Dutch researchers say, consume 4-5 cups of black tea every day cut the risk of stroke by 70% compared with those who consumed 2 cups of tea a day or less. Other reports mention more black tea consumption is associated with low heart attack cases. John Folts, director of the Medical School, Center for Research and Prevention of Arterial Thrombosis, University of Wisconsin, USA to find the key properties of flavonoids in tea. Research results showed that flavonoids in black tea could inhibit the clotting of blood platelet cells thus preventing the blockage of blood vessels in hantung coronary disease and stroke. Another study mentioned that the fanatical tea drinkers had higher levels of cholesterol and low blood pressure, although it remains unclear whether it was directly caused by tea.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA to find the effect of green tea on the skin up to 90%. It turned out that tea is very effective to protect the skin from the sun can cause skin cancer. Tea also contains fluoride which is known to strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent tooth decay. In a laboratory study in Japan, researchers found that tea helps prevent the formation of dental plaque and kill bacteria cause inflammation of the gums.

Japanese study shows, tea-producing region known as the pendudukanya fanatic tea drinker, very low death rate caused by cancer. Another study, carried out cooperation between the research team Oguni and cancer research center in Beijing to study the effects of green tea extract on mice that had been given food rations carcinogenic (cancer-triggering substances.) Reportedly, the average rate of cancer in mice that received green tea extract half of the mice that did not receive green tea extract.

The researchers believe that polyphenols known as cathecin contained in green tea, helps the human body fight cancer cells. Another study conducted by Oguni and Dr. Masami Yamada of the Hamamatsu Medical Center found cathecin kill Helicobator pylori, the bacteria trigger stomach cancer.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance products that specifically guarantee the cost of health insurance or care of the members if they fall ill or have an accident. Broadly speaking there are two types of treatment offered by insurance companies, namely hospitalization (in-patient treatment) and outpatient (out-patient treatment).

Items held either by health insurance company social insurance, life insurance companies, as well as general insurance companies.

In Indonesia, "PT Askes Indonesia" is one of the social insurance company that carries out health insurance to its members who are mainly civil servants and non-civilian. Their children are also guaranteed up to the age of 21 years. The retiree and his wife or the husband is also guaranteed for life.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Camilla Leyland

Ipar tiri Tony Blair, Lauren Booth, was not alone chose Islam as his new religion after a visit to the holy city of Qom, Iran. Options faith Iranian journalist and television anchor was apparently also followed a number of other British modern woman.

Eve Ahmed, women who are career as a writer among them. She was born in London, his mother and his father Muslim Britons of Pakistani origin. Childhood, he grew in accordance with the faith of his father. But in fact he could not accept. "When she was 18 years old and in college, I reject it."

Islam, so far, always rejected her. According to his testimony, many trivial things that are forbidden by Islam. For example, should not chew gum, bike riding, decorated, showing the curves, should not eat on the road, cut hair or paint firm.

All the ban was never explained by her father, including why no dogs allowed. And, of course, sit down with him, shake hands, as well as intercourse with a man who is not strange.

Islamic values like that forced his father to be becoming a good Muslim. As an independent woman who grew up in England, his father rejected harsh attitude. He chose as a modern woman. However, now the Islamic values taught by his father enjoyed in the midst of modern British life.

In addition to Eve, there was Lauren Booth, 43 years old. Journalists and television broadcaster after a new convert every now wear the hijab out of the house, praying five times a day and the congregation at the local mosque, "If there is a chance."

Booth decided to become a Muslim woman six weeks ago after a visit to the shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in Qom city, saying "On Tuesday evening, I sat cross-legged beneath Rokhani like getting an injection, an infinite happiness."

Prior to working in Iran, her sympathy with Islam and spent time working in Palestine. "I am always impressed with the strength and Islam give something," he said.

Kristane Backer, 43, is a former MTV presenter in London. Since young, his choice is to become a free woman, Western lifestyle, modern, and liberal. However, why not choose Islam?

Introduction to Islam began when he met with former Pakistani criket player, Muslims Imran Khan, in 1992, when the sky-rocketing career, then he took her to Pakistan. From here he began to touch the spiritual values that never dikenyam and impressed with the warmth of the community.

Kristiane said, "Since then I started studying Islam and converted. Natural reason. I have interviews with rock stars, to travel around the world and yet I feel empty. Now, all has passed. I enjoy happiness because Islam has give my life purpose. "

"In the West, we live with shallow reasons as a matter of clothes. In Islam, everyone seems to have a noble purpose. Every thing done in the name of God.

"I grew up in Germany in a Protestant family who are not religious. I was drunk and like to party. Now I have a purpose in life is good. We are responsible for all actions."

Lyne Ali, 31 years old. Women from Dagenham, Essex, was first in contact with Islam through a Muslim friend. He admitted this during a typical woman who likes to party.

"I like to get drunk with friends, dressed in tight clothing, take off clothes, and a date with a man," said Lyne. "I also work part time as a DJ. I used to pray like a Christian, but I use God as a temporary doctor."

But when he met with his friend, Zahid, at university or sometimes in a dramatic atmosphere. Then, "His sister talks about Islam, and it is pervasive in into my soul. I think I need to find something and I feel I'm drunk and partying habits of no use."

Lynne converted at the age of 19 years. "Right then I wear the hijab," he explained. Now, "I never again show my hair in public. At home, I will wear western clothes just for the husband, but that never came out."

Camilla Leyland, 32 years old. This yoga teacher living in Cornwall to choose Islam as a new religion. The mother of an only child, Inaya, embraced Islam in the midst of discussions about "feminism" in the West.

Growing up in Southampton, his father a director of the Institute of Education Shoutampton and economics teacher mother. Camilla interested in Islam since in school.

He continued his education at the university and took a master's degree field of Middle East Studies. Further work in Syria. Getting to know Islam through friends
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New Honda CBR 250R

After the CBR 150R a few days ago, now re-launched Honda CBR 250R at the Convention Centre, Central World, Centera Grand, Bangkok, on Wednesday (10/27/2010). The launch was attended by officials of Honda Motor Co., Honda India, and Indonesia among them Honda Yusuke Hori as President of PT Astra Honda Motor and John Loman as Vice President of PT Astra Honda Motor.

The launch was covered by more than 300 journalists from eight countries (Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand). as the host). invited by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) joined together with several journalists covering the online and national television.

In his remarks, the Senior Managing Director COO for Motorcycle Operations Honda Motor Co. said Tatsuhiro Oyama, Honda CBR 250R is recorded as the second global product is presented to journalists and consumers in the world.

"Is Honda's first global product PCX, introduced in November last year. In July, Honda Motor also declared vision 2020 with a residence time of 10 years is to increase the maximum production for the consumer with a focus on speed, endurance, and exhaust emissions are extremely low , "Oyama said.

Honda CBR 250R is the sports product first Asian production. "We plan to export this model from Thailand and India to more than 20 countries around the world," said Fumihiko Ike, COO for Regional Managing Director Asia & Oceania, at the launch.

With more than 40 years of experience that exist at the Honda plant in Thailand, continued Fumihiko, produced products from Thailand is trying to be introduced to foreign journalists. One of them PCX, which is exported from Thailand, also to Japan and Europe.

"Now, based on the strength of concept and quality product that is here (Thailand), we believe that CBR 250R acceptable to consumers in the world," said Fumihiko.

Plus ABS For information, CBR 250R with a capacity of 249 cc DOHC 4-stroke, single cylinder, and equipped with liquid cooling system. Interestingly, the rate freeze system, Honda sport bike is equipped with ABS system that dkilaim as the first in his class. Its weight, if without ABS, 161 kg and 165 kg with ABS or still 4 kg lighter than its competitors, "The Green".

In Thailand alone, CBR 250R is marketed in November. As for global marketing, including ASEAN, will start in spring next year.

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