Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Prevent Headaches


How to Prevent Headaches : Ever headache, dizziness dizziness, or feeling sore all over body, stomach pains, decreased appetite? Go to a health clinic, a doctor, or to the hospital, but did not heal as well? Be careful, maybe we're depressed alias severe stress. If allowed to stress this thought can disturb the soul.

Sometimes a doctor or medical officer at the clinic several times to receive patients with the same disease. Drugs have repeatedly given but not too well. At that moment, the medical officer will usually ask the patient to consult. Starting from the problem of disease to the possibility of other problems that burden the patient,

By opening a direct psychiatric consultations with patients, residents expected to be aware of the basic problems that cause her pain weakly. Healing can be achieved with psychological counseling and drugs to body or physical.

Therefore, it is better when everyone is feeling very depressed squeezed a big problem, welcome to quickly contact a psychologist for counseling. Someone who has a family member, including close friends and subordinates, who suddenly became gloomy, hopeless, alone, should also encourage them to want to do counseling. Just to vent to spill the contents of the liver was extremely helpful in those who are depressed and desperate.

If you suffer from migraines, identifying what you eat, drink, or what you have done, can help you handle it when the headache is back to attack.

Here are things you should note when u headache attack, namely:

Date and time of migraine
Activities that you do, and where you are when the pain comes.
Make a list of all foods and beverages consumed within 24 hours when the migraine started to attack.
For women, a note was added to the count of your menstrual cycle.

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