Sunday, January 16, 2011

Healthy Way Celebrities Which Judged Wrong


Scientists at the United States has expressed some celebrity tips related to health otherwise dubious. So, these fans are not immediately called upon to imitate what was done by his idol in terms of health.

Organization campaign Sense About Science (SAS) has made a list of healthy tips celebrities who made inappropriate in terms of health fad. The list includes actors, pop stars, and other public figures are considered one of providing health tips. This is done to bring awareness to the celebrities that what they did wrong and that society and flatly modeled what their idol.

SAS noted footballer David Beckham and fiance Prince William, Kate Middleton, has been seen wearing silicone bracelets hologram is claimed to increase energy and stamina. In addition, the supermodel Naomi Campbell, and actor "Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore preached a diet with only took a mix of maple syrup, lemon, and pepper for two weeks. On television talk show "Oprah Winfrey", Campbell once said that this type of diet is good to cleanse the body.

However, SAS states that many celebrities are giving tips on theory and therapy, there was nothing but the truth has been clinically tested.

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