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One Piece 481 Review


One Piece : SH crew but still faces problems because they were tired and had to fight the PX-1 and sentoumaru.choper become uncontrollable when he saw Luffy defeated by Sentoumaru and immediately takes 3 Rumble ball and a giant (the same as in the case enies lobby). Zorro, Sanji, Brook , and Usopp were defeated by the PX-1, and when all will be killed by the PX-1, come kuma.dan SH rescue crew to fly them all with his DF ability.

forces with a naval battle that has been entered, and seek to liberate their camie.Tapi mengetaui that ratai that in the body could explode anytime Camie sajapun into the middle of confusion munculah bingung.Di The Legendary Pirate "Dark King Silver Rayliegh" which turned out to be the first crew at the same time right-hand Pirate King " Gold D Roger ". Rayliegh then use the mysterious power and blow up the chain in the body without injuring Camie.Luffy Camie asking Rayliegh to coat the boat to be able to dive to the bottom of the sea and onto the New World in the request to wait for 3 hari.Luffy who can not wait to walk krunya.Di-road with the way they meet one Pacifista the px-4 (cyborg who made similar crocus and called Pacifista).

After saving Hatchan, they are advised to Shabondy Islands, in order to obtain coating or a coating on the boat for the island of Man to Fish (diving). when they're on their way to Shabondy archipelago, hordes Duval came over to thank them for the purpose because the changes in bone structure created by Sanji, turned into handsome face Duval and Duval did not like that dulu.dan they gave her no den den Mushi to facilitate the SH crew if their request assistance while Shabondy is terrible sights as met by the kidnapper, criminals and pirates of high grade, and Tenryuubito, the descendant of Kings founder of the World Government who regard themselves as holy. No one dared to oppose them. If anyone dared injure Tenryuubito, navy admiral will come with an army brigadier to punish the perpetrators. There is also a gathering place for 11 people a new pirate game with the highest price including Luffy's group, The 11 Supernova.Mereka All are people who want to New World.dan one another, Shabondy adjacent to the JOA marie!

After leaving the Florian Triangle and Brook joined the crew of the 8th SH crew, Luffy went to Island Fish Man, in the middle of the journey, across the Red Line, they met Caimie, a mermaid who asks for help to save Hatchan, hatchan was Arlong's men who managed to escape and open a store takoyaki.tapi now he was kidnapped by the Flying Fish Riders. Meanwhile, the leader of the Flying Fish Riders Duval memiiki revenge on Sanji. in because the image is used for government bounty sngat Sanji's a picture similar to Duval.keributan between Duval and also in mulai.dengan kick Sanji Sanji kicks in on purpose to change the bone structure of Duval.

Shabondy Islands still keeps black history past, namely discrimination on the men fish and mermaid (regarded as a fish, not humans). Result in Shabondy, Fish and Mermaid Man is free to be arrested and sold as slaves. Caimie captured and sold at a slave auction, and purchased by one of Tenryuubito, Charlos. Luffy finally hit the big angry Charlos unconscious. The situation also dipertegang with the fact that the Navy decided to cut off the Ace, which means a declaration of war to the group Pirates Whitebeard.Tidak soon ambushed Navy and the Slave Auction place awaiting the arrival of an admiral laut.

One Piece 481 Review : On the other hand the other Supernova lost against one of Admiral Anggkatan Sea "Kizaru" which has the power of the devil fruit Pika Pika which means cahaya.Setelah beat Pacifista px-4 come again another Pacifista with Sentomaru and then followed Kizaru.saat Zorro was not anything else and lost only by one stroke by the time all scared because kizaru.dan can not save Zorro and Zorro could only see death, the dark king came and rescued zorro.pertarungan rayleigh rayleigh vs Kizaru began.

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