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One Piece Episode 477


One Piece Episode 477 : One Piece Episode 477 :Robin (Kurotowamano) cat suffering from Moria (Details)
Stretching it did not even stop moving something from Moria Oz!
This is an advantage in the struggle a little look ... Oh boy thought a moment too Innovation
"Bats piece (Burikkubatto)" Moria Hazime Hiraku Punch fight (Ken)
(A bat out of the shadows and even when fighting Luffy)
Robin's attack
"Bloom twelve rings (Peintefururu) (Kandyura) defense" nominal
(I like the windmill turned by hand ten elbows bloom)
Unable to prevent bomb attacks but too many bats
Entering a pinch of Robin Sanjidasshu
Bats disperse the shadow kick us all ...
It came now become the face behind the shadow of the collection of Moria Robin
Robin attacks the body blow to the back of the eye and ignore the Moria (Boxing)
"Clutch!" Shining victory in a broken neck in Moria
And I'm flying sweat Yaarimasen side
Overview of joy ...
Apparent in the shadow of Moria itself is behind the Robin ...
Rear body and is in the body of Moria!
Moria seems able to replace the body and shadow free! !
Moria's face appears behind Robin and eliminate shadows Robin Oh boy
It has been surrendered to that followed by Robin Franky Brook!
Sanji's anger towards the shadow of Robin taken (angry)
"Devil Winds foot (leap Diable)"
"Superlatives Ground (Ekusutoraasshi)" is to attack ...
Moria once again, "bat pieces (Burikkubatto)" shadow balance?
Moria body and body dashboard as if nothing had happened paddle
Oz began to stretch the body in what became Moria free!
Oh boy wanted to finish the final blow to face the unconscious, by bazooka Robin immediately GUM
Sanji, but that "the devil like a foot (leap Diable)"
"Various kinds of fried foods (Furittoasoruti)" Impact of Oz play in attack
Is trying to move to a safe place that happened to ... Robin
The ears could hear your voice calling from somewhere Sanji and Zoro
Cat Chopper sound identity (first round)
The helicopter was visible on the right of Oz
Apparently 500 years ago to explore the causes of weakness Rubeku!
The assessment and helicopters ...
Rashii sweat for the cause of death in countries around the ice naked
Oz is a spark even find the right arm was later recovered by hogback
Necessary starting point for the bomb attack helicopters here
technical cooperation with Sanji "cherry (Rozeoshuto)" also routinely beat (boxing)
Drop your right arm so vigor Oz ... It is ...
Rowing replies sudden punch (boxing), punch (boxing)
Bad air and helicopter Sanji in the fall (down arrow)
Rubber and rubber exploded Gatling Punch (fist) punch (boxing), punch (boxing), punch (boxing), punch (boxing)
After Sanji Chopper Robin Franky Brook and to see ... Oh boy sweat
Moria "... fourth ... fifth ... Shishi proxy then" 3 "!"
About 477 end
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