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Living with children who do not own after a divorce recently was a challenge, requiring patience

When the divorce, children must be given up to now known and accepted that their parents will no longer sleep under the same roof.

In the period of adjustment, has a new partner becomes a challenge.

Hate, love, hate, forgiveness, is the feeling of moving in smaller hearts when they believe an intruder who intends to fill the place left empty.

Bravo Paloma author presents with irony and humor of the situation experienced by the children when it comes time to meet the bride's father.

Your world teeters

When divorce occurs, children begin to undergo previously unknown stage. All of them have been viewed as safe, is rolled up, change their habits, the house was empty and see how it moves and shakes the world entirely.

In a situation of chaos to try to adapt and accept that their parents would get back together, it is difficult to see how one of the two back his life with others.

At that time, children growing sense of sadness to feel the separation from parents is final, while the irrational refusal to the person they thought that came with the intention of occupying space that his father had left.

Hatred is born to meet this new person collides with the love they feel for the figure of the biological parents, which gives children who have not recognized the reaction so far.

Dad's girlfriend

With great irony and tenderness, journalist Paloma Bravo address this issue in his first novel was published, the father's girlfriend, where a portrait of modern society from the perspective of an outsider, a new woman, the father's girlfriend.

"It's a very contemporary novel because it is something that is happening now on the road, and do so with an ironic tone, the dialogue and many chapters are very short.

In the sense that it is a very visual novel, "said Bravo.

Overnight, a successful public relations, single, independent and confident become stepmother "? And start chaos.

After graduating from beverages to meet the two small, Eva, eleven years old and full pre-and Teresa, eight, began life as a family.

Life Change

impertinent questions, shouting, arguments, school, birthday, and shopping is really changing the world of Sol, which is no longer boyfriend Paul to be a stepmother and a perfect target of criticism from ex-wife and her friends.

As a defense mechanism, it offers a sense of irony and humor to laugh complicated situation that has never faced.

"His position is very delicate because where there's stepmother is involved, the children will make things worse, so you always carefully and with a sense of humor to go, said:." Well, if I say something, I jokingly said, '"he said.

And, like so many cases where the father decided to rebuild her life with a new woman, a situation that is not easy for anyone, or to the "intruder", which has become part of his life some children who do not want to deal with it.

"Initially, it is clear that you are in the minority, because they are parents and children of those who enter. We have no information about the past these children do not live with them," he said.

Tempting fiction with reality

With Dad's girlfriend, Paloma Bravo has a day to day in many families from the perspective of a new woman.

Based on personal experience, this novel is "80 percent and 20 percent reality fiction. The story, the personality of the former and the father of daughters actually found," this journalist said.

Cuando Me Enamoro Capitulo 95 : And, like the protagonist, the director of marketing for the newspaper El Pais in love with a man who was separated with two daughters and, from time to time, managed to have a relationship "very good" with them.

Bravo remember that what cost him when he was involved in this situation is to lose their autonomy and accept that he will not involve themselves, but should be involved in the new girls.

"When your mother and your children, you have time to get used to this new life, but when the situation arises, you should be careful of people niche for you, because if not, one day you'll come home late from work to avoid spending the voltage stress on the home office.

You should seek your corner, that your spouse and children, "he admitted.

Why we split up more than before?

According to data Ine annulments, separation and divorce, one of the five separation occurred after less than five years of marriage.

And with the inclusion of work by women and economic independence, it seems now much easier to split a few years ago, when women are dependent on her husband's wages.

"20 years ago, during several separate must want a husband, but now women put up with less," he said. Bravo believes that another key reason behind this increase in divorce is that people move a lot faster. "

Everything is much faster

"The children are now on the phone, they say" I love you "twenty times a day, whereas 30 years ago, saying 'I love you' is a commitment to sealing.

We are a society that is much more patient, "he said.

Divorce is always a tricky situation. emotional loss experienced by the children after suffering a separation can bring feelings of rejection that in some cases may intensify over time.

When it seemed that the situation may be more complicated, when the new partner are overwhelmed by having to deal with children who do not accept it, the solution seems to "have patience, love these kids and not try to always be perfect."

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