Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame


Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame : After a while we were served with a graphics-3D graphics are so stunning and looks so real, finally now the trend of 2D graphics began to appear again. One of them can be seen from the appearance of the game Batman: The Brave and the Bold, a game which was adapted from the animated film titled the same. In this game, you will find a variety of humor is funny, a game that not too many wants and you just need to focus on jumps, beat up enemies and run it.

This game was first shown in a demonstration, this game shows four episodes taken directly from the game. Remarkably, even though this game seemed only use 2D graphics for granted, but the level of diversity that deserves to be given thumbs up. While playing too, you will feel like old games that still use the model side-scrolling. You'll find lots of rows of characters from the DC Universe is of course familiar as Batman, Robin, Catwoman and 60 other characters. All these characters can you control only with the help of a Wiimote alone.

Well, the interesting part of this game is when you collect coins scattered throughout the existing level. Then why the coins were so important? One reason is that every time you die, hit by an enemy, then that would later become the victim's money have you collected so long, but the money you need to buy the tools they need in a game that can strengthen the self-character that you use. Therefore, money is very important here. Then life? As far as we see, it seems life is not a problem although there is a possibility when it was released later, the life that is given will be limited.

Still remember the headquarters of Batman, Batcave? In the Batcave, you will be able to do all the work usually done to strengthen your character. Starting from the open character and unlock new upgrades. Maybe you are interested in a laser sword? Or maybe you want to create a Batarang to become stronger? Everything that you can get here. You need to know also that every character in this game has a variety of special items that only they can use and even some of them which have alternative uses.

All levels in this game is presented in a pretty good 2D image to be viewed with some objects that exist within each level are drawn in 3D. Animation looks pretty good and attacks launched by the character you use also looks fine. To make things become more stable again, you need to know that the script of this game was written by the same writer for the animated version. So we can be sure, the fans of the animated version, it will feel like and are interested in the game version.

Perhaps the disappointment of its own in this game is the fact that this game is intended for children only. The challenge that is given is not too challenging and the fight against the bosses can be quite brief and not too difficult to pass. But that does not mean adults should not play loh ya. However, our sense of the beautiful animation and game can be played by anyone it will be the main attraction when the games are released later.

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