Monday, November 14, 2011

Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Elder Scrolls Skyrim : Are you currently playing Skyrim right now? Approximately 66.7% from the humans I know are, right at this very instant. My copy was delivered at 9:04 am by a UPS employee darting furtively toward my front door. He clearly understood the gravity of the situation. In the end, every RPG-minded gamer I’ve met has lost a sum total of 3 years of their life to previous Elder Scrolls games, and with good reason, I’d like to think.

For the uninitiated, Skyrim (out let's focus on the Xbox 360 console, Ps3, and PC) is really a sprawling role-playing epic that stays the course of its predecessor’s penchant for awe-inspiring vastness and wide open gameplay. As i missed the boat on every-single-other Elder Scrolls game due to being thrust right into a gaming dark chronilogical age of sorts, I’m not missing it now - hell or high water.

In the sound from it, and in the early buzz I heard while bopping around E3 in LA captured, Skyrim pushes the bounds of gaming as we know it, peeling back the top layer to reveal precisely what gaming can do as a medium for something more.

In Skyrim, this is achieved through my own number 1 gaming feeling: Open world exploration. At their utmost, game titles can rouse our slumbering imaginations, inspiring a kind of lust for that unknown that’s very uncommon within our virtual day and age. You don’t merely play an amazing game - you tunnel directly into the core from it, stake out a virtual outpost in your own imagination making camp.

Joystiq really hits the nail around the head relating to this type of transcendent gaming purity we’re talking about in their Skyrim review:

“Whether or not you realize it, that same wanderlust that whispered in to the ears of your ancestors and led them into the forests, in to the oceans, still calls out to you. In those moments when all seems at peace, all seems safe, it’s that persistent, ceaseless call of “Yes, but what else?”

This is the deepest, loveliest world ever made for just one player to understand more about, and something that nobody should deny themselves. This is a game about following Emerson’s advice, leaving the trail and finding that the strongest force on Earth or Tamriel isn’t fire or sword, but the ever-insistent need to know what lies beyond.”

While I haven’t had a opportunity to dig into the game myself yet, you might have! (But if so, what are you doing reading this article?!) If you haven’t, or else you still don’t understand what the fuss is about, browse the goods below.

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