Friday, June 3, 2011

Toni Braxton Photos


Toni Braxton Playboy Photos, Pictures News : The singer Toni Braxton is reportedly experiencing financial difficulties. She admitted being were in debt so threatened broke.
She planned to accept an offer to pose nude in Playboy for the overcome its financial difficulties. However, Toni not yet dared to decide.

Toni Braxton is still hesitant to pose without clothes because they still think of these two sons, Denim and Diezel. She afraid if her sexy photos will adversely affect her two children.

Previously, when offered Playboy, Toni is very enthusiastic for the be a cover on the adult magazine. She even happily expresses it in her personal twitter account early last year. The singer was trapped in debt $ 50 million and also plus with credit card bills. She has filed for bankruptcy. This is not the first time, Toni filed bankruptcy. Of 1998 and she also doing the same thing.

She began dare to look sexy in adult men's magazines. This is done Toni Braxton to get big salaries.

According to news reported by Aceshowbiz, Braxton is experiencing financial crisis since last October.
For to increase the revenues and repay these debts, Braxton willing to accept an offer for the pose for Playboy magazine.

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