Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Honda CBR 250R


After the CBR 150R a few days ago, now re-launched Honda CBR 250R at the Convention Centre, Central World, Centera Grand, Bangkok, on Wednesday (10/27/2010). The launch was attended by officials of Honda Motor Co., Honda India, and Indonesia among them Honda Yusuke Hori as President of PT Astra Honda Motor and John Loman as Vice President of PT Astra Honda Motor.

The launch was covered by more than 300 journalists from eight countries (Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand). as the host). invited by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) joined together with several journalists covering the online and national television.

In his remarks, the Senior Managing Director COO for Motorcycle Operations Honda Motor Co. said Tatsuhiro Oyama, Honda CBR 250R is recorded as the second global product is presented to journalists and consumers in the world.

"Is Honda's first global product PCX, introduced in November last year. In July, Honda Motor also declared vision 2020 with a residence time of 10 years is to increase the maximum production for the consumer with a focus on speed, endurance, and exhaust emissions are extremely low , "Oyama said.

Honda CBR 250R is the sports product first Asian production. "We plan to export this model from Thailand and India to more than 20 countries around the world," said Fumihiko Ike, COO for Regional Managing Director Asia & Oceania, at the launch.

With more than 40 years of experience that exist at the Honda plant in Thailand, continued Fumihiko, produced products from Thailand is trying to be introduced to foreign journalists. One of them PCX, which is exported from Thailand, also to Japan and Europe.

"Now, based on the strength of concept and quality product that is here (Thailand), we believe that CBR 250R acceptable to consumers in the world," said Fumihiko.

Plus ABS For information, CBR 250R with a capacity of 249 cc DOHC 4-stroke, single cylinder, and equipped with liquid cooling system. Interestingly, the rate freeze system, Honda sport bike is equipped with ABS system that dkilaim as the first in his class. Its weight, if without ABS, 161 kg and 165 kg with ABS or still 4 kg lighter than its competitors, "The Green".

In Thailand alone, CBR 250R is marketed in November. As for global marketing, including ASEAN, will start in spring next year.

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