Saturday, July 10, 2010

Opera releases Opera Mini 5.1


Opera releases Opera Mini 5.1
Opera's Web browser application made in Norway, has just released the latest update for mininya browsers, namely Opera Mini 5.1.
Opera Mini is a Web browser application designed for mobile phones, smartphones, and PDAs (personal digital assistants).
Opera Mini 1.5 is expected to bring better memory management than previous versions, showing skin (theme) is new, and can open several pages (multiple pages) with stable, including page scrolling, reloading, and loading.
Overall, Opera Mini version 5.1 having a significant performance improvement.
Because it can boost memory performance, Opera Mini 5.1 is recommended for users of Symbian 40 (S40), which on average has a limited memory. Anyar browser is expected to minimize the problem the less the maximum memory performance. Opera Mini also optimize the user interface on a small mobile phone screen, two inches or less.
Show more fresh, Opera Mini 1.5 also rejuvenate the skin color of the browser that is more diverse. The presence of the browser is believed to be an important feature for mobile phones low-end. For a smartphone, especially with less luxury specification, this feature can be quite satisfactory in terms of performance.
Opera Mini is compatible with more than 3,000 mobile and can be downloaded from the following link through your mobile phone.

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